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Facts About Face Lifts

A New York face & neck lift surgery helps you maintain your skin elasticity. As you get older, reduced elasticity can cause wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging. With a good cosmetic surgeon’s help, you can tighten your facial tissues and restore your youthful look.

You may be the right candidate for facelifts if:

  • You do not smoke or abuse any substances
  • You don’t have any medical conditions that could slow down the recovery process
  • You have realistic expectations

The following are some of the most important things to know about facelifts. 

1.      The Results Look Natural

The results of a facelift are visible. However, they look natural and can result in a significant improvement in your general appearance. Unlike in the past, surgeons no longer pull back the skin on your face to achieve results that do not look natural. Instead, they reposition deep structures in your face leaving natural and long-lasting results. You may end up looking up to 15 years younger for up to 10 years. A facelift targets your structures to:

  • Sharpen your neck angle
  • Lift and tighten your jawline
  • Tighten loose skin around your neck area
  • Lift your cheeks and other facial structures 

2.      It Is Appropriate for Men Too

Even though facelifts are a common procedure for women, they are great for men as well. More men are embracing the procedure to enhance their appearance. It is just as effective for men as it is for women. 

3.      It Treats the Lower Face

A surgical facelift treats the lower part of your face rather than mid-level features such as your forehead and eyes. It can improve the appearance of your neck, jawline, and jowls. If you wish to improve on your face’s upperparts, you need to get additional procedures. You can do other procedures simultaneously to decrease the recovery period.                                       

4.      Every Procedure is Different

Every facelift procedure is unique. Human anatomy is complex, and every patient is different. People age in different ways and may have different goals for their procedures. Different surgeons have different ways of reducing bruising, swelling, and scarring. 

5.      A Facelift Doesn’t Reverse All Signs of Aging

Some patients assume that a facelift can undo all signs of aging. However, that is not true. Facial aging happens in different ways, and you need different procedures to address each one of them. After a facelift, you may also need facial filler injections, laser treatments, and Botox. 

6.      It Is a Surgical Procedure

A facelift is a surgical procedure. Non-surgical procedures that are advertised as facelifts are not the same. The surgical procedures tighten your neck and jawline. Non-surgical options do not deliver similar results. 

A facelift can have plenty of benefits. It can tighten sagging skin, lift the corners of your mouth, improve the drop of the cheeks in your jawline area, and reduce creasing between your lips and cheeks. However, the results do not last forever. If you need a facelift, seek help from an experienced and professional surgeon.