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Fall Season Accessory Essentials

The autumn season is a notoriously tricky one for those fashionistas in particular who seek to set trends and mark the emerging ones with their own unique dash. This is especially true if you’re going to be shifting around quite a lot, all day, because it can be very chilly in the morning while noontime has you feeling like we’re right back in summertime. You’ll want to look just as good in that long-sleeved mock wrap top you reveal when the day gets warmer as you do in that weightier sweatshirt you threw on earlier in the day. Also, you certainly want to appear to be the very same person someone might have caught sight of in the morning, should they run into you later in the day, when you’ve shed a bit of the warmer pieces.

The trick to it resides in sticking to earthier, natural colours to in a sense blend in with the environment, except your accessories are what complete any autumn look. Additionally, we’re quite fortunate that autumn trends often spill over into winter, so it’s definitely never too early for the full winter trends to be brought in.

As far as what completes the look however (accessories), what does the list of accessory essentials look like this fall?

This season’s fall accessory DON’Ts

Cleaning out the closet with some retail therapy, among other things, is something associated more with springtime and leading into summer, but the ushering-in of this year’s fall season trends naturally sees us saying goodbye to some of last year’s fall accessories trends.

We’re saying goodbye to those boyfriend baseball caps that undoubtedly served us well, retiring the pointed high heels, and reciting an ode to pretty much all animal prints. Especially when it comes to bags. Jewellery lovers will have to bid farewell to those delicate pieces, as exquisite as they are, so too the shell pieces such as stringed pearls.

Skinny scarves are also making way this fall, along with belt bags. Belt bags or “designer fanny-packs” are more of a summer accessory in any case, featuring as a constant in the perpetually warmer parts of the world, like the south of Thailand.

This fall season’s accessory Dos

So what are the fall accessory do-s?

Face masks are a sign of the crazy times we’re faced with, but even for the least style-conscious among us those medical masks won’t do. However, designer masks with different styles alone simply won’t cut it, which is why mask chains are a thing this fall!

Distinctly feminine pocketbook purses are taking the place of animal print and belt-bags, with the most stylish of these pocketbooks befitting a pairing with women designed eyeglasses by Max Mara.

The chunkier chains replacing the delicate pieces and shell jewellery also fit in really well with the overall fall accessories look, as they match the weightiness of your sweatshirt and complement the pocketbooks. Some pocketbook purse designs are strapped with these chunky chain links too…

Long gloves which are best matched with stumpy-sole rubber boots round up the fall accessories essentials list!