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Features of a sit stand desk

Making the decision to move to a sit stand desk is a step in the right direction and it will help to take away some of the issues associated with a sedentary desk-based role. You can improve your posture, leading to a reduction in back and shoulder pain; you can strengthen leg muscles, and you might even lose a few pounds just by moving around a little more.

Choosing your new – or next – height adjustable desk is no different from deciding on the right ergonomic chair or keyboard. It’s critical that the desk you pick works for you and that it is a quality piece of office equipment. Rather than a quick fix, a height adjustable desk is a sound investment.

Top tips to help you select your new height adjustable desk

How easy is it to adjust?

A sit/stand desk with a complicated mechanism will put you off moving it up or down. A manual cranking set-up may end up feeling like more trouble than it’s worth, constantly putting off the great wind up (or down) and remaining in one position.

A height adjustable desk should change with a simple flick of a switch, smoothly and electronically shifting from sit to stand and vice versa. Fluid movement is essential to ensure that you don’t have to clear your desk simply to move your position.

With hot-desking the new normal across offices, desks are now shared more than ever. An easily adjustable height changing desk means that anyone who sits or stands at that desk can do so in comfort.

Just as good for sitting

Your height adjustable desk will be used as much for sitting as it will be for standing. That means, in addition to a smooth electronic adjustment mechanism, your desk has got to give you comfort and ease-of-use when you are sitting down too. The desk has a minimum height that it will reach so make sure that you choose a model with the right measurements for your office, for both the sitting and standing positions.

Strong and aesthetically pleasing

When choosing a piece of office equipment or furniture, it’s important to consider its look and feel. Modern working practices mean that we spend long periods of time at our desks so selecting a model that looks the part is an important part of the decision process. Height adjustable desks are no exception and they come in a range of finishes that will complement any office, from smooth, sleek metal frames to desk tops with a wooden finish.

If you are able to work at your desk and not give it a second thought, then you’ve made a good choice. Working at a desk that is flimsy or wobbly will let you know with every strike of the keypad or every judder as you write. Investing in a quality piece of office furniture that has been designed, developed and crafted by specialists will not only support you physically, but also give you the peace of mind to get the job done.