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Feel-Good Health and Beauty Secrets Hidden from Plain Sight

There’s a very popular cereal brand which I shall not mention by name, which has aired a TV commercial over the years that basically makes a play on the popular cliché of having “got it all this morning.” I’m pretty sure you know exactly what I’m talking about, so there’s no need to give them further free advertising, but they’re onto something with that. Basically what they’re pointing out is that there exists some feel-good health and beauty secrets which are hidden from plain sight, making for the preserve of those who have either managed to figure them out themselves, or those who have been made wise to them.

I suppose you will fall into the latter group of people by mere virtue of having read this post, whether you’re a regular reader or indeed if you happened to stumble upon it by sheer chance.

So what are these feel-good health and beauty secrets that are hidden in plain view?

Harnessing natural energy

There’s a reason why a coffee-fuelled version of yourself looks considerably worse than that version of yourself which enjoys plenty of sleep and rest, as is required. It all comes down to how your body uses natural energy sources, which are much better for you than artificial ones. It’s better to get your sugar fix from a sweet apple than from some tea sweetened with refined sugar, for example.

Cleanliness you can feel

Instead of focusing on how getting all dolled-up with makeup can make you look, rather focus on how something like a body scrub at a health spa like Spa West ( can make you FEEL! The importance of keeping yourself clean cannot be overstated. For example, infection or discomfort might result from ear wax. Thus, it would be best to have your ears cleaned on a regular basis. In case of excess ear wax, you could consult any reputed audiologist and get it removed which might make you feel more hygienic.

An outward appearance that mirrors how you feel on the inside

Basically, you will only look as good on the outside as you feel internal, so next time you go to the gym for instance, it should be as part of a regime which focuses on how you’re going to feel as a fitter and healthier person, as opposed to how you’ll look standing in front of the mirror.

Tapping into these health and beauty secrets

So, with the three identified areas through which feel-good health and beauty secrets can be accessed, the focus perhaps now turns to the practical application of these secrets. It takes some practice to get it right, especially when the beauty industry in particular is pretty much designed to encourage a rather shallow approach to our appearance. In practice though, you should always focus on those procedures, processes or activities related to health and fitness which make you feel good over how they make you look.

When you feel good it often doesn’t matter how you look, so something like what would otherwise be an Instagram-worthy trip to any prestigious destination in the UK shouldn’t have to be validated by your collection of the best shots of yourself to show everybody that you’ve been there. Rather, something like enjoying the after-effects of a procedure such as ear wax removal in London should be your focus, if you are indeed heading to that part of town.

That’s just one example with which I hope to drive the point home…