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Finding a Wedding Venue In The Middle of a Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic started, and, unfortunately, you had to put your wedding plans on hold. Believing that things would pass in a few months, you decided it was best to get married early in 2021. In just a few weeks, 2020 will come to a close, but the pandemic lingers on. While you’re not going to cancel or postpone again, planning a wedding during a national health crisis has been a real pain. One of the most significant issues is finding a wedding venue. 

An Unpredictable Future

The nation is currently going through its second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. While many states successfully flattened the curve, it took a turn for the worse by late summer to early fall. With thousands of new cases every day, many wonder if there will be a second shutdown. If that happens, this would mean that couples would have to cancel their weddings, and venues would become unavailable. 

While the future is uncertain, couples can overcome this issue by working with wedding venues that offer insurance. The insurance will cover any costs if the couple needs to cancel or postpone their event. This concept saves a ton of money and eases a lot of tension.


Another issue that couples are having with securing a wedding venue in the middle of a pandemic is availability. Since most people canceled their nuptials earlier this year, many arranged to get hitched in the new year. Wanting to be ahead of the game, they reserved their dates in advance. Adding to the rush is the couples that had already planned a 2021 wedding. As such, finding a venue that’s open and available during the pandemic has been a chore. 

There’s not much you can do to control the fact that lots of people are getting married next year. What you can do is be more open-minded. If your first few choices aren’t available, use an online database to find wedding venues near you with the amenities and services you need. You might also consider hosting the wedding at your house or the home of a relative as no one else will be in line to reserve them. 


Along with a pandemic came mass economic hardship for millions of people. For couples that were already on a tight wedding budget, this only added to their stress. Trying to find a wedding venue that was affordable quickly became a problem. While many venues offered package deals to attract new business, it was still more than most couples could afford. Not to mention, if a couple provided a deposit and entered a contract with a venue and later found themselves unemployed, it would be money wasted. 

If your wedding budget has taken a hit since the pandemic, you’re not out of the game just yet. There are several ways you can find a beautiful place at a price you can afford. If you or your family members don’t have a house large enough to host a small wedding, you could consider having an outdoor wedding instead. Many local parks allow small gatherings as long as you have a proper permit and practice social distancing. Another option would be to talk with your religious leader about using the church, hall, or synagog space to have an intimate ceremony and light reception. 

You’ve waited a long time to find your soulmate. Now that you have, all you want to do is get married and spend the rest of your lives together. As luck would have it, a pandemic develops and turns the world upside down. While you put off your wedding for the sake of everyone’s wellbeing, the unpredictable future is persuading you to proceed with your plans. The only problem is finding a wedding venue that’s available, affordable, and accommodating to your needs and vision for your special day. Hopefully, the tips above will help you to overcome these barriers and find the perfect place to get hitched despite the challenges.