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Five modern dining room styles you can incorporate in your dining room

The dining room is where everyone sits down to eat. People bond over a warm meal before moving on to the living room for coffee. The place where you feed someone really sets the tone for their visit. They are likely to remember it in a good light if they were entertained in a bright, clean space. Moreover, it reflects a home owner’s personal taste and level of interest in their home interior.

In case you’ve been falling behind, here are five modern dining room styles that will give you pointers for a little seasonal renovation.

Wood and tin ceiling

When entering a room, the ceiling is one of the first things that people notice. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be dramatic and attention-grabbing. The room then has a central element that gives it a certain touch. Wood and tin ceilings are great to that end. In case of wood, the ceiling can throw a warm glow over the entire room. In winter months, a burning fire in the fireplace will be the only thing needed to make a cosy environment. Accented tin ceilings, on the other hand, go really well with white walls. Though it is an old technique, it will suit contemporary dining rooms.

High gloss sideboards

Lacquered furniture is very popular with consumers. It has a shiny reflective surface with clean and bold lines. A compact sideboard in high gloss finish will add a minimalistic touch to your dining room. Some pieces also come with integrated LED lights that can be adjusted to different colours and frequencies. Fresh flowers in a vase can be put on it to brighten the room and complement the simplicity of the furniture. Often, people store cutlery and formal china in the sideboard drawers. A tea and coffee station can also be set up on top so guests can help themselves to a cup.

Extendable dining table

These tables are perfect for making economical use of space. Eight-seater dining tables can take up a lot of space. But it is essential to have enough seating space in case more people are coming over. Extendable tables fit the bill because they can be manually adjusted to suit the party size. They are available in glass, wood as well as lacquered surfaces.

Feature wall

The feature wall is the one wall in the room that you choose to highlight. In the case of dining rooms, it can be the wall that the sideboards are placed against. Accented wallpaper, wooden and lit inlays and textured walls are all grey ideas to add unique touches to a room.

Artwork display

What better way to support local artists than to frame their work and hang it in the dining room? Gallery walls are fashionable, and they can brighten up an otherwise bland room. The sort of artwork you prefer and the colours it features will personalise your space. But don’t go overboard and make sure it matches the rest of the dining room elements.