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Five Small Dressing Room Storage Solutions

There are two types of people in the world: those who fold their clothes and keep immaculate wardrobes, and those whose closets are on the floor. Most people identify as the latter, and they tend to justify their disorganization by citing their inability to find anything when their clothes are tidied up and put away; despite the fact that – according to a survey by OnePoll – as many as 57% of women confess that an organized closet makes things easier to find.

If your clothes tend to end up on the floor rather than on the rails, or if your chest of drawers are full to the brim, resulting in t-shirts being strewn across your dressing room, it might be high time to invest in some new storage solutions.

Many of the dressing room storage options online require lots of room, and this makes them unattainable for the average person’s dressing room which is likely lacking in available space. If you have a small dressing room and are looking to implement new storage to make your space more workable and aesthetically pleasing, here are five doable solutions.

1. Storage Stools

Shoe storage doesn’t always look great; it’s often plastic and cheap looking or wooden and clunky. If you’re looking for somewhere to store your shoes but don’t have the space for a large shoe rack, try a storage stool. Similar to an ottoman but much smaller in size, round storage stools can easily fit in the base of your closet or in a small corner in your dressing room. They look stylish and can hold multiple pairs of shoes, or they can be used for storing underwear if you don’t have any drawers or if your drawers are too full.

Storage stools come in a range of colors and styles and can fit in with any interior design theme. What’s more, you can place other items on top – such as a plant or some handbags – to give your dressing room a superior finish.

2. Over the Door Hooks

The doorway to your dressing room can take up a lot of available space, so it’s important you maximize it. Over the door hooks are a great way to keep things organized without impeding on the rest of the room. You can store coats and jackets on the hooks, or even nightwear and handbags. Anything that you reach for frequently can be neatly hung on the back of the door to keep it crease-free and easily accessible, but more importantly, off the floor!

3. Acrylic Jewelry Storage

Clothes aren’t the only things that can make a dressing room look untidy, accessories can, too. The issue is, most jewelry organizers and boxes are big and bulky and can make the room look more crowded than it is. In this instance, acrylic jewelry holders are a great option. Whether it’s an earring holder or a swivel tower to house bangles and watch cufflinks, acrylic storage doesn’t look clunky and can blend right in. Plus, it’s clear which means you can see exactly what’s in it. No more opening every drawer to see where your favorite timepiece is, and no more being late because you can’t find exactly what you need.

4. Drawer Dividers

Do you struggle to find a matching pair of socks in the morning? If so, the solution is simple. Organize your dresser with drawer dividers. You can separate socks from underwear and keep pairs of socks together in the same section. You can even buy dividers to keep your formal shirts separated from your t-shirts if they’re stored in the same place. This is a good option for those with limited space available but who still want cohesive storage that works. There a range of different drawer divider options available online, meaning there’s an option to suit every budget and need.

5. Multi-Level Hangers

Clothes rails are great because they keep clothes off the floor and crease-free, but the downside is that if you have anything bulky or thick (like a jacket or a blazer) it will take up a lot of room on the rail. When you only have one or two rails and little to no room for a dresser, this can be an issue. The answer? Multi-level hangers. These allow you to make use of the wasted space at the bottom of your wardrobe, but to also hang up more clothes. You can hang up to five items on one hanger, but it takes up no more room than a single hanger would because the clothes are layered vertically. You can buy multipacks for cheap, allowing you to expand your dressing room exponentially without spending a fortune.

The Finishing Touches

A dressing room is about more than what’s in it – it should make you feel good because it’s where you go to get ready to look your best – and that’s why finishing touches are everything.

Small dressing rooms can sometimes look dark and stuffy. Try adding some LED strip lights above the rails to illuminate your closet and paint the walls a fresh white. A scented diffuser on top of your dresser/shelf will enhance the feel of the room and, paired with the five storage solutions we’ve just mentioned, give your small dressing room the TLC it needs to become a workable space that’s tidy and organized. Let 2021 be the year you’re finally on top of your dressing room!