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Fun Hair Color Ideas Just in Time for Summer

With summer just a few weeks away, some ladies (and gentlemen) are likely thinking of switching things up with a new hairstyle. Other than getting a trendy, cool, and manageable style to accommodate the often hot and hazy weather, you might be interested in taking things up a notch with a blast of new color. If you want to wow everyone and go beyond traditional colors like brown, black, or blonde, there are some cool ideas that will certainly turn a few heads this season: 

Gray or Silver

There was a time when seeing gray hair was a sign of aging. You’d do just about anything to make those stubborn strands disappear. These days, however, gray and silver hair is trending. Women and men of all ages are sporting gray hair and loving it. You can opt for a salt and pepper mix, use a stormy gray hair dye to add gray in one section of your hair, or go for a full head of gray and silver and look classy, elegant, and fashionable. 

Bright Hues of Blue

You read that right. Blue hair is also very popular these days. Unlike in days past where women might go for a navy or midnight blue, they’re opting to be bolder and daring with brighter hues of blue. From electric blue to a vibrant teal or dew drop blue, there are plenty of elaborate hair dyes to choose from that will certainly get you the attention you’re after. 

Pretty in Pink

Huge celebrities like Pink and Nicki Minaj may have made short pink cuts and long powder pink wings all the rage, and this trend continues to be popular for summer months. Whether you prefer soft pink tones like cotton candy or rose petals or in your face hair colors like taffy and hot pink, you’ll find dyes on the market to suit your personal style. 

Purple is Popping

Another summer hair color trend becoming increasingly popular is purple. Of course, there are the traditional hues of plum or dark purple. Yet, if you want to go for something a bit different, there are fun shades like lollipop, lilac, or even mauve, and still look great. 

Rainbow Bright

Younger generations are getting hip to the idea of rainbow hair. Whether you’re supporting a cause (i.e. LGBTQ community) or you simply want to try something bold and different, mixing several colors together might be just the change you’re looking for. 

Fading Effect

For those who may not want to be as extreme with rainbow-colored hair but still like the idea of pairing a few colors, a fading hair color effect is a cool summer concept. You could choose two different shades of gray, blue, pink, or purple (one darker than the other) and have them fade into one another. 

Consider These Things Before Choosing a Hair Color

Before you make a final decision on what color you’d like to dye your hair this summer, there are a few factors you want to consider: 

  • Lifestyle – While you can color your hair any way you’d like, there are certain lifestyles where going too far against the grain could cause an issue. This is especially true if you’re a business professional where bold and bright colors may not be allowed. A drastic color change might also be frowned upon if you’re preparing for interviews.  
  • Wardrobe – Though some fashionistas may not care if their hair matches their attire, there are certain hair colors that could essentially clash with something you put on. So, take a look at your wardrobe and see which colors work best with each other best. 
  • Permanent or Temporary – It is imperative that you give some thought as to whether or not you want this hair color change to be temporary or permanent. There are, of course, products on the market to work with whatever you decide. If you’re dying your hair for the first time, going with a more dramatic color change, or aren’t sure how a color will look on you, it might be best to go with a temporary dye. 

Warmer weather is not too far away. If you’re interested in making a change to your personal style by dying your hair, there are cool colors like those discussed above that are very popular. Just be sure that before you’ve made a final decision, you’ve given full consideration to factors like your lifestyle, wardrobe, and whether this change is temporary or permanent. Other than that, have fun exploring and expressing yourself creatively through style and fashion.