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Garage Doors and 3 Other Home Improvements for Maryland Residents

Every home requires maintenance and the bigger jobs count as home improvements too. If it is your garage door that needs attention or replacing, Contact ADP Garage Door Repair for all your garage door needs in Maryland. Beyond that, consider what is happening with your roof. Particularly if there has been a recent storm.

Garage Doors

There is no home improvement more invisible than replacing your garage doors. Everyone will see them because they show on the outside.

As far as practicalities go, an efficiently working garage door will mean that you can access your vehicle quickly as well as ensure that it is kept secure. This may even reduce your insurance premium. It will be a peace of mind that your vehicle is shielded sufficiently from the elements and that it is kept out of sight of thieves who may take a fancy to it. Garage doors can therefore be seen to protect our investment. Possibly the most expensive after buying our home.

The least expensive type of garage door will be an embossed steel design with a faux finish that resembles wood grain. From a distance, it will look like real wood which will offer curb appeal. However, your willingness to spend more will mean that you can opt for a wood composite overlay or have a fibreglass skin on your door. It is all about how long you want it to last when it comes to paying more.

As far as openings go, the opening width of your garage door should be three inches longer than the door itself. Then, as far as garage door mechanisms go, you will want to consider the most effective opening and closing system for your needs. You can choose from an up-and-over or tilt-up canopy door, roller garage doors, sectional garage doors, side-hinged or side-sliding garage doors, or French-style garage doors. It is worth researching the different types of garage door mechanisms, as there are many to choose from.

Roof Tiles

Roof tiles are all protective when there are no gaps, so it is about how long you want them to last ultimately. For instance, a natural slate will last you a lifetime and into the next generation. It does not come cheap, but then you are investing in your property for your future family, who may still live in the same house. Otherwise, you are doing it to increase the resale value. Either way, there are advantages to choosing the most durable and long-lasting material possible.

As well as the materials used for your roof, you will want to consider its shape if you are constantly getting leaks. A flat roof will be notorious for it, whereas the more slopes your roof has, the better it will be at deflecting rainwater and not allowing it to collect for long enough to leak in anywhere. Snow will, of course, become water, so has to be considered too. The most snow that fell in a single winter in Maryland was between 2009 and 2010 when 26.5 inches of snow fell. This was in the Keysers Ridge in Garrett County if you recall.

Roof Guttering

Having effective drainage is important. It is about having guttering at the right angle to drain water and having it not all clogged up with leaves to stop the water flow. It is a home improvement to have the guttering look nice, as it forms part of the outside-of-house aesthetics as well as needs to function properly to deal with rainwater.

Fascia Boards

These do offer some weather protection for your property but are generally about how your house looks to the outside world. They add a nice finishing touch.

The fascia board, for those not familiar with this name, is a long length of board that is made from wood and sits behind your gutter. It will connect to the rafters of your roof. It will close off your attic and serve as a mount for gutters. A damaged fascia will be the start of roofing problems and potentially can lead to damage to both your attic and your home. So, it is important to replace this promptly when damaged to help reduce further destruction to your home.

In conclusion, we can improve our Maryland home by thinking of garage doors as aesthetically pleasing and functional. Roof tiles will look nice in natural materials and a tile such as slate will last for 100 years potentially, if well maintained. Renewing guttering will look nice as well as help with water drainage. Then if we make sure that our fascia board is replaced when damaged we will be improving the look of our home as well as preventing damage to our attic space or home in general.