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General and cosmetic dental procedures that promote oral hygiene

Oral hygiene has an impact on the overall health of an individual, and thus there is a need for oral health education. Protect your oral health by appointing regular dentist services that provide routine oral care. Dr. Francisco Rodriguez will guide you with appropriate general and cosmetic dental procedures that help maintain oral hygiene and beauty.

How Oral Hygiene Affects Overall Health

The mouth harbors bacteria, which is mostly harmless, but since the mouth is the entry to the gut and respiratory tract, some of these bacteria can cause infections. The body’s defenses on the bacteria in the mouth help control the infection that could be caused by the bacteria. Good oral health also contributes to overall gut and respiratory health.

Medications like painkillers, antidepressants, diuretics, and antihistamines can reduce the flow of saliva and the ability of the mouth to control the microbes from multiplying. Gum diseases are associated with the growth of microbes in the mouth. Some conditions, such as diabetes and HIV, may lower the ability of the body to fight these infections.

How to Protect General Oral Health

·       Brush using fluoride toothpaste with a soft brush twice a day or after every meal

·       Floss daily

·       Use mouthwash which helps remove food particles which might be left after flossing and brushing

·       Eat healthily and avoid sugary food that might cause tooth decay

·       Schedule regular dental visits that help you in early identification of dental issues and early treatments.

General Dental Services That Promote Oral Hygiene

·       Initial oral examination

An oral examination includes a visual inspection, periodontal probing, charting, diagnosis, and different treatment recommendations for dental conditions. The gravity of tooth decay can be captured via an x-ray for proper diagnosis and treatment.

·       Fillings and crowns

Decayed teeth can be filled with tooth-colored fillings that match your teeth, giving it a natural look. Crowns also should look like your teeth, and you should use empressed material; for the posterior part of the tooth, a dentist can use porcelain, which can be infused with metal for better support.

Cosmetic Procedures That Promote Oral Health

·       Teeth bleaching

Teeth bleaching is the most popular dental cosmetic procedure, and this procedure helps you brighten your teeth without making a huge commitment. Tooth bleaching is affordable and can be done in a dental office or at home. Over-the-counter tooth bleaching products might not be useful if you desire to have a bright smile.  Book an appointment with a dentist to get the desired results bleaching results.

·       Enamel bonding

Enamel bonding helps people with deeply chipped and stained teeth; the material used for enamel bonding is the same as that of white dental filling. The bonding material is moldable, and a dentist can shape it to fit the ideal shape for your teeth.

·       Dental veneers

Dental veneers are a form of porcelain shells that are mounted on the surface of the teeth, and this cosmetic procedure is suitable for people with stained teeth that do not improve with bleaching.


General oral health practices and cosmetic services can help you achieve your health objectives and give you a bright smile. The build-up of detrimental microbes in the mouth might lead to infections in the gut and the respiratory system. It is therefore essential to maintain dental hygiene to have a bright smile and prevent these infections