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Hail Popcorn, King of Snacks

Stop and think for a minute about this fun question: if you had to only have one type of snack for the rest of your life, what would it be? Your mind may run to chips or may stray into cookie territory, but we’re here to tell you that popcorn is the most versatile choice for a snack and we’re going to prove it. Forget what you think you know about snacks and their usage; we’re about to show you why you should kneel before popcorn and promote its virtues as the single greatest snack food. 

Don’t believe us? Well, you are in for a treat! In this article, we are pitting popcorn against three other snack categories: chips, cookies, and candy. Now, of course, there are other snacks that don’t fall under these categories specifically, but in the essence of simplicity, we’ve narrowed down the choices to these four. 


So, buckle up! Once you see how popcorn stacks up to the best of the other categories, you’ll see why there’s actually little competition. 




The mighty cookie. Who doesn’t crumble to temptation when a tray of cookies is laid out for the taking? Who can say no to a second, or third? The cookie has defeated many strong people, but in the face of popcorn, it stands no chance.


The cookie is nothing more than a sweet dough baked into a disc. Sure, it can be topped with sprinkles or chocolate, but couldn’t you say the same about popcorn? What can the cookie be covered in a piece of popcorn can’t. Why you could even dunk a piece of chocolate-coated popcorn in milk if you so desired!


The cookie is heavier and less forgiving than the light, airy, popcorn. Skip it, it has no place in the snack Pantheon.




Chips can come in a variety of flavors and grades, with ridges or without, and in a range of sizes. They can be designed to scoop up dips or be covered in cheese and meat. But when you really boil it down, chips are nothing more than a delivery system for another flavor. Plain potato chips are terrible, but plain popcorn is delicious.


Chips are a vessel for dip or spices baked into the chip, and nothing else. Any spice you can put on a chip you can put on popcorn. But while you can’t put dip on popcorn, you can just use literally any other vessel to get your dip.




Bright packaging, sweet tastes, and sticky fingers – these are the hallmarks of candy. Candy gives us that sugar rush we crave and the endorphins that keep our brains happy, and there’s great value in that. But here’s another thing about candy – it’s terrible for your health and teeth.


If you’re craving that sweet, sticky feeling on your teeth and the sugar rush in your blood, try some caramel popcorn or candy corn. It’s not only better tasting but much better for you!