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Honest ways to cheat at online slots

Who knew just how popular internet slots would end up being? Just 20 years ago, they were pretty much unheard of. Now, millions of people use them every day. In fact, they are the most widely used gambling product on the planet. Plus, there are mobile gaming apps which mean not only don’t you have to go to a casino anymore, but you don’t even have to be sitting in front of a laptop. You can do it all from your phone and tablet, as long as you have a signal and play at

And although slots are there for people to use for fun, there are always going to be some people who want to win, every time. It’s not surprising; when you see just how much money is paid out on some of these games, the temptation is always going to be there. So is the temptation – for some people – to cheat. Yet online slots are pretty much impossible to cheat at. If you thought land based ones were tricky, these new ones are much, much harder. They work on a random number generator (RNG) system and that means predicting and analysing the spins and the way the symbols land is out of the question. Yet there are some ways to ‘cheat’ honestly. Read on to find out more. 

Choose Good Odds

The very first thing to do before you’ve begun playing a slot game is to make sure you’ve selected one that gives you the best chance of walking away a winner. To do this you are going to have to choose a game which has good odds, otherwise you’re fighting a losing battle from the start. So how can you know the odds of winning? It’s all about the RTP. 

The RTP – or Return to Player – is one of the most important bits of information to look for when choosing a slot game. It refers to the percentage chance of winning back your initial stake. The higher the RTP displayed by your game, the more chance you have of winning. It’s still not guaranteed, however, so don’t assume anything when playing online slots.   

Know How To Play Your Chosen Slot

The next thing to do if you want to ‘cheat’ (or otherwise enhance your chances of winning) is to make sure you know how to play your chosen slot, especially if you are considering putting a lot of money into it. Almost all games are slightly different to one another, even if they look exactly the same, and understanding how your particular one works can give you a slight advantage, or at least give you a better idea of a strategy when playing or determining how much you are going to spend. 

Many online slot pros play their games in demo mode so they are able to get a good grasp of just how it works before spending any money. 

Make Use Of The Bonus Rounds

Just about the most essential factor for jackpot hunters is just to make complete use of every extra round and functions offered in your selected slot, since this’s exactly where the great majority of big wins are actually to be made. When you look at the huge pay outs that have occurred over the years, you’ll see most of them came from bonus rounds – so be aware when you are playing of just what that bonus round is going to look like and how to play it. 

The difference between the bonus round and the base game is that you are going to need more skill to play the bonuses. These are different games with different rules, and they’re usually not down to luck, unlike the standard slot game. So practice, watch, and be aware of how much you’re spending before you get too carried away.