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How do I connect with my child?

The child is the most innocent and lovely thing ever happen in the parent’s life. However, many parents could connect with their children. Many parents think that it is a very tough job to build a strong relationship with a child. It is a fair point that child does not have the same intellectual capability as adults.

But it’s not impossible to connect with your child. You need to try more and find a better approach to do so. It would be best if you kept trying until you get successful. Do you want to find the answer to the question of how do I connect with my child? Read further to know the details.

  • 12 hugs per days:

It sounds familiar, but it is beneficial. When you hug someone, you try to connect with that person and understand them. The words are useful, but when you mix words with physical touch, it is magical. Physical contact is an extraordinary power. For a child, it represents that he/she is safe in your hugs.

So, give at least 12 hugs per day if you want to connect with your child. And don’t be forceful; provide him with time, and he will come back to you for a hug because children love to hug their parents.

  • Play with them:

Playing is the best relationship-building activity that you can do. Children love to play, and when you play along with them, they like you. Child many wonders how good you are in a particular game, and they try to resonate with you.

You can easily make conversation with your child while playing. It doesn’t matter who wins; if you connect with your child, you will eventually win. Never show competitiveness with your child. Be friendly, and play with them for joy.

  • Celebrate with them:

When you host and celebrate events with your children, it shows them that you value them and want to connect with them. This is a great chance to get to know each other better, exchange stories, and have meaningful conversations. There are various ways to celebrate with them, the most common being birthdays.

On the occasion of your child’s birthday, you can throw a house party, inviting all of their friends, so that they can enjoy themselves. You can also consider adding food, fun games, and even hiring a kids entertainment melbourne company (or the one nearby) for conducting entertaining activities, which will further make the party even more exciting. As a result of the celebration, you will possibly get to know your children better and foster a strong relationship with them.

  • Listen to your child and try one on one conversation:

If your son or daughter is not sharing anything with you, it may be your fault. Because when parents don’t listen to their children, they stop sharing thing with parents. Children are susceptible, so you should listen to them and show empathy for them.

Try to have at least 15 minutes one on one conversation with your child in a day. It is generally happening that one parent is very connected with the child and others don’t. In this case, you need to maintain your child’s conversation timing to build a good relationship.

  • Keep patience:

When you try to connect with your child, it will never happen overnight. You need to keep patience and keep try. If you feel stressed, try vaping juice to ease your mind, but never let these moments pass. Because childhood is an essential part of a child’s life, it will last for life once you connect with them in this period.


Building a strong relationship with a child may be challenging, but it’s worth trying. When you have a great relationship with them, they will share everything with you and trust you. So, keep in mind that always connect with your child. Comment below if you have any questions.