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How Do You Treat Hives?

Scottsdale is one of the major cities in Arizona. It is also growing in leaps and bounds with its booming population. Due to the rise in pollution, you will find several people who suffer from pollen allergy, leading to hives on their skin. Hives can be itchy and would require immediate medical attention. If they are not treated immediately, they may cause severe complications. If you suffer from hives in Gilbert, specialists will offer various treatment options if you have a pollen allergy or any other allergic reaction, including:

Allergy Shots

Hives are the most common symptom of allergies. Allergy shots reduce exposure to allergens that are causing hives, asthma, or other allergic symptoms. These are highly effective in preventing hives during allergy season. Although, these are not widely available due to the high costs involved. However, you can get allergy shots from some hives specialists who your health insurance will cover.

Allergy Drops

Allergy drops are another form of treatment for hives available at many Hives clinics in Scottsdale. It involves placing a dilute solution of the allergen under your tongue. Over a while, it helps in reducing the severity of the hives. Allergy drops, however, is not recommended for people who are highly sensitive to allergens as they may cause severe reactions, including anaphylaxis.

Oral Antihistamines

Hives specialists offer oral antihistamines that you can take before or during allergy season to prevent hives. It is available in various forms like tablets or syrups. These are non-drowsy and will keep you symptom-free for several hours. The downside, however, is that these would not provide immediate relief from hives symptoms. The oral antihistamines would also take some time to reach maximum concentration in the blood and provide symptomatic relief for some hours.

Topical Antihistamines

These are applied to the skin and work by blocking histamine receptors, thereby preventing the release of histamines. The antihistamines reduce itching, redness, and swelling caused due to hives at their source. You can buy topical antihistamines over the counter in Scottsdale and apply them before going to bed.

Topical Steroidal Creams

These creams are applied to the affected area to reduce swelling, redness, and itching. They are available over the counter without a doctor’s prescription. In addition, they work rapidly to relieve symptoms of hives. Steroid creams can be used for short periods when symptoms worsen after exposure to an allergen and should not be used on a long-term basis.

Topical Calcineurin Inhibitors

This cream is applied to the affected area and has anti-inflammatory properties. It blocks a protein responsible for the release of histamines, and this reduces swelling, redness, and itching. This medication is not available over the counter in Scottsdale but can be bought with a doctor’s prescription.

Antihistamine Eye Drops

Hives specialists in Scottsdale can also provide antihistamine eye drops that are safe and effective for quick relief from symptoms. This medication is available over the counter and is highly effective as it gets absorbed directly into the eyes’ blood vessels, preventing them from releasing histamines.

The above treatment options effectively treat hives symptoms to a great extent. However, suppose you have any doubts or queries. In that case, it is best to consult your Scottsdale Hives specialist for proper diagnosis and treatment, which will help in early diagnosis and prevent serious complications caused due to pollen allergy.