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How Drinking Brewed Coffee Helps You From Tooth Erosion

Drinking strong, brewed coffee can help prevent tooth erosion.

Wait, what? – Yes, coffee! But, this comes with reservations.

As everyone knows it, all kinds of coffee drinks and beverages are always included on the list of consumables that your dentist would not want you to take. While it offers a lot of health benefits as per several claims, it is established as a bad component for your oral and dental health.

But, recent studies suggest that there might be a way now for you to enjoy your dark and strong coffee. Aside from enjoying it, you can also benefit from it as it was said to help prevent tooth erosion.

Coffee: The Effects On Your Teeth

By and large, coffee is not recommended by dentists and experts. It is acidic and it contains tannins.

Consuming too much acid will progress the existing cavities or caries on the surface of your teeth. Also, it will even provide new bacteria that will certainly erode and damage your teeth.

As for the tannins, this component is largely present in every coffee drink. This is the thing that causes your favorite coffee beverage to provide stains to your teeth. And despite having professional teeth cleaning services after, the stains may become irreversible.

Basically, these are the two main effects of coffee that have been established. And these are the reasons why dentists do not recommend it, especially when improving your dental and oral health.

Strong Coffee To Prevent Erosion

But, according to Daily Mail, a new study from Rio de Janeiro’s Federal University found out that there is a certain type of coffee that can help prevent tooth erosion. In the methodology used, baby or milk teeth are utilized, alongside the coffee beans.

Based on the results, it has been found that it can provide benefits to your teeth. And these are the following:

    • Helps prevent dental caries

Using the baby or milk teeth, the extracts of the coffee are poured on the surface. Based on the result, it has been found that the components of the coffee “broke down” the bacterial biofilms.

These biofilms are the ones that cause dental cavities and caries. It was also stated that these biofilms are the “culprit” of tooth decay and gum diseases.

While it remains inconclusive, the study shows that drinking this coffee can help prevent dental cavities and caries as it breaks down the bacteria that causes it. In the end, it helps keep the teeth free from cavities.

    • Keeps teeth clean

Aside from keeping the teeth free from cavities, the breaking down of the bacterial biofilms also shows that drinking the coffee used in the study can help keep the teeth clean. Since it immediately breaks down the bacteria, it basically eliminates the bacteria as a whole, keeping the surface of the teeth clean.

However, it is worth noting that this does not imply that you no longer need to brush your teeth. As always, it remains a must for you to pay attention to your dental and oral health by practicing the proper dental and oral hygiene.

The Best Coffee For Your Oral and Dental Health

In the study, the coffee beans used are the Coffea canephora. This is where the popular Robusta coffee comes from. As per its specifications, it is a sturdy species of coffee that is very low in acidity and high in bitterness.

Other coffees produced in the beans include instant brewed coffee and espresso. But, the study is believed to have centered on Robusta coffee.

In recent times, about 30 to 40 percent of the coffee in the world is Robusta. It was also noted that Vietnam is the country where most of the Robusta coffee is produced.

Things To Ponder On

While Robusta coffee, or specifically Coffea canephora are found to have provided great benefits for teeth, experts and scientists noted that the study remains inconclusive. So, it may have shown great results but, it still needs further proof and evidence to fully establish the claim.

Despite the ending conclusion of the study, it was also shared that drinking this coffee with other additives, like sugar and milk, might only cancel out its antibacterial properties. So, if intending to focus on its benefits to your dental and oral health, it is best if the coffee is taken fresh and brewed.

Also, it is reminded that this must be taken in moderation. Too much coffee will still provide the same negative effects including erosion and stains. As much as possible, it must be taken in one sitting rather than drinking it for longer hours.

In Conclusion

Taking care of your oral and dental health can still be effective even if you drink coffee. It is just that you have to be mindful of the coffee beverage that you take, as well as the way you consume it.

In the case of the said study, which concludes that coffee can help prevent tooth erosion, keep in mind that more proof and evidence are still needed. Therefore, this study does not warrant or recommend the indulgence of coffee for the purpose of preventing cavities and erosion.