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How Drug Abuse Affects Families

The use of alcohol and other drugs activates some parts of the brain’s reward system, which produces a good feeling. When one is used to taking the drugs, the activation may be strong so that they abandon other normal activities to get the drug. Some people may use the drugs for recreational purposes such as altering their mood, for religious ceremonies, to enhance their spiritual growth, and to enhance their performance.  Although people who take drugs for recreational purposes may take it in small doses, the effect may be adverse and result in addiction. If your loved one is affected, seek medication for substance use disorder in New York.

Drug Affects the User and Other Family Members

The effects of substance abuse do not only affect an individual but extends to other family members as well. Other members of the family may begin to have anxiety, fear, anger, and concerns that their loved one is abusing drugs. Some family members may feel like seeking legal protection against their loved ones from substance abuse. It is important to note that you can help your loved one seek rehabilitation. Although the idea of rehabilitation might come from, you should make them understand the importance of rehabilitation and let them make the decision.

One May Face Negative Criticism

A person might face negativism as the family members might give them complaints due to their drug use. The overall mood of the family might be negative and make someone indulge more in drug abuse. This should not be the case, however; family members should consider drug use as a disorder that should be handled through other ways such as rehabilitation

A Parent That Uses Drugs May Exhibit Parental Inconsistency

A parent who uses drugs might exhibit parental inconsistency, such that they set erratic rules which, in most cases, show inconsistent enforcement. Children might get confused and show displeasure and act out as a way of getting the parents to define boundaries. If you find out that a parent is using drugs, you can take in the children if you can and make the parent seek help.

Some parents whose children take drugs may find themselves in denial, and they will tell you that their children are not taking drugs. Ensure that you show them the signs and symptoms of drug use and offer support.

Abuse At Home Lead to Drug Use

Children raised in abusive homes often suppress their anger and do no express their emotions; they, therefore, resort to drug use. The drugs manage their repressed anger; a child going through this should seek recreational therapy, which might help them change their behavior.

Self-medication can result in drug abuse, and one does not know the amount of medication to take in managing their condition. Moreover, one might use drugs that are supposed to cure illnesses, such as depression, incorrectly. Medical marijuana also is often abused, leading to other conditions.

Parents who have unrealistic expectations for their children can lead their loved ones into drug use. The child might struggle so much to meet the expectations of the parent, and when they fail, they decide to nurse their feelings with drugs.


Drug use affects an individual as well as other members of the family. It is prudent to seek medical help and support a loved one when they get hooked on drugs. A family should be a place of hope and happiness instead of abuse, which can lead to drug use.