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How Holiday Parks are More Cost-Effective than Traditional Holidays

Price has always been a major concern for the average person, but nowadays, it’s absolutely crucial. Every little bit of savings has to be taken seriously, and when you can save a buck, it’s best to do so.

That causes a lot of people to skip the holiday getaway nowadays, but there is a solution; holiday parks allow you to have an amazing vacation for far less than it would cost to go on one equally extravagant holiday on your own.

Don’t believe us? The average UK holiday costs almost $5000. You can take the family to a holiday park for a lot less.

Here’s why.

1: All-in-One Prices

When you go to the holiday parks, you don’t just pay for accommodations. You pay for a wide range of experiences and services. Your pass gets you into waterparks, sports facilities, fisheries, hiking trails, beaches, and more. If you go to the holiday parks in Devon, you get four different resorts packed with different experiences to enjoy for the price of one.

This alone cuts your vacation costs dramatically because when you plan your trip yourself, you have to pay for every little thing separately.

2: Minimal Travel

When you go on a traditional holiday, you have to pay for the trip to the region you’ll be visiting, and then you have to keep filling up your tank to drive all over the place and visit all your planned destinations. With rising fuel prices, that adds up quickly, and it can make up the bulk of your vacation budget.

By going to a holiday park, you have a ton of experiences and activities within walking distance. As long as you can get to the holiday park, you can enjoy several vacations worth of activities without ever getting back in your car.

3: Only Bring Luxuries

If you book a room at a holiday park, everything you need for the extent of your stay is included (besides food. You will need to bring food or be willing to dine out). You don’t need to worry about buying a bunch of things to outfit a living area properly and handle your hygiene, and other things. You’ll have all the basics for when you return to base after a long day of fun.

4: A Customized Experience

Maybe you don’t want to pay a premium for a hotel, and you own a camper van or tent. That can help you cut your costs even more with a holiday park, and you won’t even need to sacrifice the other benefits of the park.

Holiday parks are camper van friendly, and they’re tent friendly. If you’d rather bring your own accommodations and skip the more expensive hotel, you can do that.

You’ll still be able to enjoy the waterparks, horseback riding, and everything else. You just won’t have a hotel room.

Try planning your own vacation and asking the hotel to let you set up a tent in the parking lot. It won’t go well.

All these things add up to create a cheaper, more enjoyable experience that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.