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How Many Is Too Many? Your Guide to Stacking Rings

Rings have held great importance and meaning throughout the years. Previously, only those with wealth or power could afford such trinkets. But now, everyone can wear a ring, so don’t waste this opportunity to look different.

Stacking rings is a great fashion trend that elevates your style and personality. It also gives a personal, new stamp onto your look. The hard thing about stacking rings is it could look overwhelming and messy.

Don’t worry, we have some ways to make sure you look great and you know what you’re doing when stacking rings.

Minimalist or Maximalist?

If you want to come off as elegant and office worthy, look for a minimalistic look. Start with keeping it simple with the monochromatic colors.

Mix a few light-colored metals or go for an ombre ring set. Follow a pattern and keep only two to three rings per finger. You can also throw in stackable rings with the same stones to make it looking ground.

Want to go crazy with stacking rings with different colors, shapes, and sizes? Go for a maximalist look. Start by playing with geometric rings with varying colors and gems.

Throw on both new and old rings with big, colorful gems. Pile on pieces with similar tones, shapes, or themes, to lessen the madness. Take ideas based on your favorite season, design era, or the midnight sky.

Mix and Match Different Types of Rings

Take your time to build a collection of different rings for women and men from color to design. You can even go for discount rings if you’re tight on money. There are four types of stackable rings:

  • Statement Rings
  • Midi Rings
  • Eternity Rings
  • Stacking Bands

A statement ring highlights its bold design. People prefer these for their solitary style similar to an engagement ring. You can use this ring for your focus finger.

Midi rings are tiny-sized rings for your middle finger. It can add some personality to your stack and gives balance to the look. Midi rings are generally size three and smaller.

Eternity rings have a continuous line of gems. These are perfect to wear between two stacking bands. Try stacking two to three on one finger.

Stacking bands are simple, gold rings. Most designs are minimalistic and have fewer designs and gems on them. These rings look stunning on one finger, particularly the thumb.

Have at Least One Finger Bare

Stacking rings can go from enough to too much real quick. The best you can do is by stacking up to only four rings at a time. Leaving a finger bare can create a more balanced and cohesive look rather than an overwhelming one. 

Diversify the Weights and Shapes

A great way to create visual balance in your ring stack is by mixing different weights and shapes. Stacking rings with the same shape and metal color will look boring and bland. Add in thin and thick rings as well as those with designs like those with gems. You may also find some unique designs such as skull rings on sites like Badass Jewelry.

Know-How to Start Stacking Rings

Now start stacking rings and show off your hands out to the media, your friends, and family. Take your time and experiment with different looks.

Of course, improving your looks doesn’t end with stacking rings. To pick up even more fashion tips and tricks, we invite you to check out more of our guides right here!