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How Paper Bags Can help you Decorate Different Rooms in your Home

Moving houses is one of the most stressful undertakings anyone can embark on, and a step that is often overlooked is furnishing your new abode. But how can the humble paper bag help you in your quest to build the perfect home? Keep reading to find out.

Create a fantastic wall display in your kitchen

One fantastic way you can breathe new life into your reusable paper bags is through creating a display for your kitchen. With a quick stop at an arts and crafts store you can kit yourself out with all you need to create brightly coloured paper containers for your spices and condiments.

Finding new uses for a windowed paper bag

If you find the right windowed paper bag then you could create an interesting aquarium feature styled with the plastic window.

We all know the age old adage that you can ripen fruit faster by putting it into a paper bag and if it’s windowed it could give you an even better view of the fruit ripening process!

Use origami to repurpose old paper bags

If you want to bring a dash of colour to your living room then why not use a paper bag to make your own fake flower display. A few simple cuts and folds and a basic grasp of origami means you can create whatever colour flower you want at very little expense.

Having a good grasp of origami can open up a variety of possibilities when it comes to decorating your home. There are plenty of origami instructions online for making stars, swans and a huge array of items that could sit on desks, coffee tables and mantelpieces around your house.

Use paper bags as filler material in a jar

Using jars to hold different items can make an interesting aesthetic addition to your home but what do you put in them to ensure your items are not damaged with general wear and tear? Shredding old paper bags will help you keep your items secure whilst reducing your household waste.

Create wonderful works of art to decorate your home

Paper and card can often be hard to come by and often the best place to find it is at an arts and crafts store. Why not make use of your old paper bags by repurposing them for your arts and crafts projects? The textures and designs offered by different brands can add a unique flavour to whatever you create.

Where do you find high quality reusable paper bags?

If you are a business looking to get into the paper bag game or are thinking of starting a company where you are selling a physical product to customers get in touch with companies similar to Paper Bag Co and find high quality paper bags that will put you above and beyond your competition.