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How Quadra Bags Can Change How You Accessorize

In the push to live a little more eco-friendly, a lot of people are stepping away from the giant leather handbags, nylon and plastic backpacks, and plastic shopping bags that have been the norm for so long. What are they moving to?

Well, the canvas is the new material of choice.

Canvas is being used to replace everything from daily-use purses to shopping bags, and they’re doing it with ease. Canvas is either as reliable or far more reliable than the traditional materials used for the same types of bags, and it comes at an attractive price point. Not only that but making the switch now will do wonders for the environment.

Today, we want to specifically talk about quadra bags or high-capacity bags made for canvas. We’ll cover what they can replace, how they perform, and why they’re the better option.

Let’s get started.

What Do Quadra Bags Replace?

If you’re looking to replace the less eco-friendly parts of your accessory collection, a quadra bag is ideal for replacing backpacks, hiking bags, courier bags, and any sort of high-capacity handbag. They’re basically large bags with tons of room, and some of them incorporate extra pockets for organizing small items.

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to buy one to replace your wallet or small satchels, but everyone needs a high-capacity bag for something; whether it’s for hiking trails or taking all but the kitchen sink on your next shopping spree.

How Quadra Bags Perform

Quadra bags can outperform plastic in every way but one, and there’s even a workaround for that.

Canvas is more durable than the thin, cheap, plastic you’ll find on similarly priced plastic bags, it can be stitched and repaired if rips do form, and it’s extremely comfortable to carry regardless of the weather. If you expect to stitch leather or have a plastic bag survive a rough outing, you’re in for a surprise.

The only way it falls behind in performance is that it’s not waterproof. If you go for a walk while it’s raining, the contents of your quadra bag might get soaked.

Luckily, there’s a workaround for that. A simple coat of Scotchguard, or any other waterproofing spray that is compatible with canvas, will allow you to hike through rainy mountaintops, get from the storefront to your car, or make the walk home from campus on a rainy day with ease, and all of your belongings will be protected inside.

We definitely recommend getting a protectant spray just to turn this con into a pro.

Why Are They Better?

Quadra bags are better than many other bags on the market when you look at their performance, and it takes a truly remarkable bag to outperform them. However, that’s not the only reason they’re so great.

Since we’re talking about canvas quadra bags, you can expect to pay a fraction of what you’d pay for a bag made of leather or a well-made polymer. That’s not because of the quality. It’s because the canvas is so abundant and easy to work with. So, you get a high-quality bag for less.

Then, you have to consider how eco-friendly they are. Leather bags require the maintenance of cattle; those take a lot of resources, and many of the largescale corporate farms that manage them are irresponsible. While small farmers are typically better about that, it’s an unfortunate truth that the big corporate guys are the ones supplying the bulk of the leather. With plastic, well, we all know about plastic.

Cotton quadra bags are biodegradable, sustainably made, and overall, friendlier to the planet.