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How To Advance In Your Career

Many people want to do well in their careers. They want to ‘rise through the ranks’ and enjoy all the benefits, accolades and money that goes with having a prestigious job. In order to ensure this happens (as far as possible, at least), it makes sense to put a number of different steps in place, and to make a plan for the future. Here are some useful tips on how to advance your career and get where you want to go.

Know What You Want

There is no point in having a vague idea of what you want out of life and a rough plan of how to get there (or no plan at all). Instead, you should know exactly what you want and ideally, how to get there. Some ideas to consider include:

  • Knowing there is a company you want to work for
  • Knowing there is a country, state or city you want to work in
  • Knowing you want to eventually be your own boss
  • Knowing you want to be the boss where you are working now

Already knowing what you want means you can take the right steps to get there, and you can make the right choices to help you on your way. If the idea seems overwhelming right now, break the journey down into manageable steps so you can get started.

Keep Learning

There is always more to learn about the sector you are currently working in, as well as the broader subjects in life that might come in useful, such as computing or business. So if you feel that going back to school to get your architecture degree, or an MBA, or anything else that will not only give you plenty of knowledge but will show your employers how serious you are about advancing in your career, you should do so. You can learn online at your own pace, so you don’t even have to take time away from your job to learn new skills.

You can also take as much advantage of any workplace training as possible. Again, this will prove to your employer that you are dedicated and that you are interested in promotion. Plus, you will be able to do your job better, so even if there is no promotion opportunity in your current place of work, your skills can be used in a different company when you start looking around for a higher position elsewhere.

Know When to Look For a New Job

Depending on the industry that you work in, it may be hard to establish growth. Maybe they prioritize others over you, or maybe there is just isn’t any room to make that career jump. This can be disheartening, but it may also be a blessing in disguise, as it can provide you with the perfect opportunity to look for a job elsewhere instead, with a company that may allow you to progress.

For example, if you work in the healthcare industry, specifically with Anesthesia, looking on sites like can help you to find jobs available in this specific sector. If you don’t take the time to look, you will never know what else is out there. While it can be scary, you will never know how what you can achieve if you don’t know when to look elsewhere.


There is very little better than a good network of people around you, and when it comes to advancing in your career, this has never been more true. Networking gives you the opportunity to meet people who might be able to help you in your quest to advance, although you should remember that you need to build up the relationship and it’s not just about meeting someone once and expecting them to hire you when you need them to.

Networking can be done online through sites such as LinkedIn, or it can be done face to face. No matter which option you take, you must work on the relationships before you can expect to gain anything from it.