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How To Check Your Roof For Damage

Eventually, your roof will reach the end of its lifespan and will need replacing for your home to reap its benefits. However, there are things you can do to prolong the lifespan of your roof. Carrying out regular roof maintenance can save you a fortune in costly repairs. If you let small problems grow into mountains, you can end up with extensive water damage. For the most part, you only need to put aside time annually to complete your maintenance. If you’re stuck for a place to start, we’ve compiled a simple checklist of maintenance that should be on your to-do list which is Sureseal.

Get A Professional Roof Inspection

If you’d like to skip the DIY part of the job, you can call in a professional to carry out essential roof maintenance. The majority of the local construction businesses, like Wildwood Construction, will carry out inspections and maintenance including flat roof repair. Paying for a professional to check your roof is a good idea, Mighty Dog Roofing might be able to help you out. They may be able to find issues that you overlooked during your check. However, it’s still a good idea to carry out your own visual check once or twice a year.

Check Shingles

The most obvious sign that your roof needs repairing is shingle damage. You should try and check them over as much as you can, especially after periods of adverse weather. You might be dreading the long climb up onto the roof, but you don’t need to. All you need to check the shingles are a pair of powerful binoculars (providing you can see your roof from the ground). You should be looking out for cracked shingles, missing shingles, curling shingles, and peeled flashing. If you come across any of these issues, you need to act fast to get them repaired.

Check For Internal Damp 

Another way to check for damage to your roof is by clambering up into the attic and checking for signs of damp. A leak in the roof can become extremely costly if you don’t catch it early. When you are looking for damp, you should keep your eye out for musty odors, swollen patches of the wall, spots on your exterior wall, and water stains on the ceiling. Again, if you come across any issues, you need to find the leak and call a professional pronto. 

Check Your Gutters

You can’t carry out roof maintenance without checking and cleaning your gutters. If you let your gutters become clogged, water will back up and seep into the house under the roof. The consequential water damage and the bill to go with it can be quite pricey. For best practice, clean out your gutters at least twice a year if you can. Similarly, the undersides of the gutter are also exposed to the weather. Known as soffits and fascias, they are protections for your roof near the gutter area, and they need to be checked regularly and replaced if need be.

If you want to avoid expensive repair bills and prolong the life of your roof, you must carry out regular checks so that you don’t miss damage. Checking your roof won’t take you that long and doesn’t require much talent. If you want some peace of mind, call in a professional to perform an inspection.