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How to Choose a Patterned Curtain

Patterned curtains can be a stunning feature in any room. However, whenever you choose a patterned textile or even wallpaper, you need to think about how it’s going to fit into the space. A pattern can be too overwhelming and end up taking over the room if you choose the wrong one. Or its colours could clash with the others in the room, creating a chaotic look. You need to choose your curtains carefully if you’re committed to having a pattern so that they make a beautiful statement, instead of looking out of place. Take a look at these tips to find the right patterned curtains for your home.

Consider the Theme of Your Room

Start by thinking about the overall theming of your room. It’s a good idea to have a vision of what you want the room to look like when it’s finished. You might not have everything planned out just yet, especially if you’ve just started looking at your options for colours, furniture and other choices. However, it’s still smart to decide on a starting point. Perhaps you have a particular trend in mind, or a certain interior style. Alternatively, you might just have a colour that you want to use. These things will help you to choose the ideal pair of patterned curtains.

Pick Your Curtains First

If you’re not sure yet where you’re going with the design of your room, you can try choosing your curtains first. Your patterned curtains are likely to stand out and perhaps dominate the room a little. If there’s a bold pattern and perhaps several colours, it makes sense to match other things to your curtains, allowing the pattern on them to take the lead. Once you’ve chosen your curtains, you can keep them in mind when you’re making other decisions. It will help you to avoid buying anything else that might clash with one of the primary features of the room.

Match One Pattern Colour to the Rest of the Room

Your patterned curtains could be one or two colours, or there might be a rainbow of colours in them. Whichever pattern you decide on, consider trying to match at least one colour in the pattern to other elements in the room. That might mean matching a colour on your curtains to your walls, or it could mean selecting other accessories, from cushions to photo frames, that share a colour with your curtains. Once you’ve bought the curtains, you could even have an exact match paint colour made up with a colour-matching service.

Consider Other Patterns and Textures in the Room

Keep other textures and patterns in the room in mind if you’re not going to choose your curtains first. You might be looking for new curtains for an already furnished room, so you understandably wouldn’t want to change the entire room based on the curtains alone. Instead, you just need to be careful that you don’t choose conflicting patterns or textures that become too overwhelming when put together. Try to use patterns of different sizes; for example, if you choose curtains with a larger pattern, select soft furnishings and accessories that have smaller patterns.

Think About Light, Privacy and Warmth

Although choosing the pattern on your curtains is important, don’t forget about the other factors that matter when you’re deciding which curtains to buy. You also need to think about the fabric you choose, and its touch, look and feel. Other things to consider include how your curtains will control light, privacy and temperature. How much light do you want your curtains to let in, or do you want them to act as blackout curtains? Do you need complete and utter privacy? Perhaps you’re looking for curtains that help to keep heat in your home for ultimate energy efficiency.

Curtain Brands

You have a great selection of curtain brands to choose from if you’re looking for a pair of beautiful patterned curtains. Each brand offers something different to help you get exactly the right pattern for your needs. You can find everything from classic to contemporary patterns with plenty of choice from respected brands. Some of the fabric and curtain brands that you can choose from include:

  • Clarke & Clarke
  • Curtain Express
  • Edinburgh Weavers
  • Montgomery
  • Prestigious Textiles
  • Richard Barrie
  • Tru Living
  • Voyage

Whether you’re looking for a subtle pattern that’s barely noticeable or something big and bold, a pair of patterned curtains can transform your home. Take your time thinking about what would be perfect for your room so that you can get the right curtains.