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How to Choose the Right Swimwear for Your Body Type

Finding the perfect swimwear can be a daunting experience for many people, especially those that are a little more conscious about their bodies. Rarely does finding a garment take into consideration lots of prep work and shopping around, but for some, image is everything, and any wardrobe malfunction could be bad news for them.

Luckily, finding the right swimming costume is as simple as looking at yourself in the mirror. Instead of spending hours trying to fit on different swimwear, just assess your body type, and you can easily pick one that defines and brings out the best in you. This guide will help you find the perfect swimming costume based on the type of your body.

Full bust

If you’ve got the assets and wish to flaunt them, you also need to take care not to go for overly skimpy designs that reveal too much cleavage. Having a large chest also has got heft, and you’ll want a swimsuit that provides adequate support while giving you that youthful-looking silhouette. For those with a D cup and above sizes, the best bet is to go for a bra-top style with an underwire to prevent sagging.

Avoid tube-tops and bandeau designs as they lack enough coverage and might slip off whenever you make a move. A high-neck swimsuit will be ideal for those concerned about concealing their ample chest than showing it off. 

Small bust

Are you less endowed in terms of chest size? Do not fret, as you may even have more options to choose from, as you would when looking for kids swimwear and clothing. Thanks to your lean body, you are likely to get away with almost any type of swimwear. You can go with the designs that might not go so well with other people, including bandeaus, tankinis, one-pieces, or even toga.

However, it is recommended to give preference to swimsuits that provide oomph to your figure. A moderate coverage top will accentuate your bust. Having push-up padding, details such as ruffles and prints are also likely to give an illusion of a bigger bust. 


The pear-shaped figure is the most common body type among women. Whereas it varies in degrees, it’s harder to conceal the figure in swimwear, as most of them are skintight, leaving much of your body exposed.

When wearing a two-piece swimsuit, you should play with visual contrast. Accentuate your torso with bright & light colors, prints, and design accents. Your hips should get plain bottoms that have dark colors to take attention away from the area.

Those with ‘tummy issues’

Some women become shy of using midriff-baring swimsuit designs due to ‘tummy issues.’ Some of them include post-birth sag, cellulite, and belly bulge. If this is the case, it shouldn’t be a reason to keep you away from rocking some of the best swimsuit designs available. 

While you may not feel comfortable enough in bikinis, a tankini would be perfect for you, especially if it has a high-rise bottom that covers your belly. Costumes with tummy-control fabric are also highly recommended as they hold in your tummy while lifting and smoothening the bum area.


While finding the right swimming costumes for an adult isn’t as straightforward as finding kids’ swimwear and clothing, these tips will help you find the perfect one based on your body type.