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How to choose your Baju Raya Sedondon Couple

One of the most interesting parts of celebrating Hari Raya is choosing the outfit for the family. With the different choices and variations of colors, most of us will always anticipate the celebration with the opportunity to do the best dress with the rest of our family members. For a newlywed couple, baju raya sedondon couple will be the top priority as you celebrate your first Raya together as a husband and wife.

The choosing part could be overwhelming, so here are some tips that you could use in choosing your matchy matchy style!

1. Choose a same color but with different patterns

Your baju raya sedondon couple does not necessarily need to be in the same patterns. You can always decide the theme color first before you start the hunt for your attires. Sometimes, women tend to choose the baju kurung in floral patterns and match it with the plain baju melayu with the same color shades. This approach allows you to pick the different material and design for as long as it fits one another perfectly. On top of the normal baju kurung or baju melayu, this method gives you the flexibility to choose other types of baju raya, for instance, kebaya, kurta, or jubah.

2. Pop-Out in Complementary Colors

Okay let’s be perfectly honest, sometimes choosing the same color could be so cliché and not so interesting. If you want to look different, you can always choose to pick two sets of colors that complement one another. You can still match together by being experimental in your baju raya sedondon couple and show up with the color contrast. For example, you can choose a pair of black and white suits, yellow and green matches, or even as bold as green and red. Let say your partners wear green, the woman can wear a red color with green accessories or selendang and tudung to show the slight hint of a match.

3. Styled you attire on different occasions

Baju raya is a serious investment if you would not be able to don it on different occasions. However, you can always be smart in choosing your baju raya sedondon couple by planning it for other occasions. Choose the baju that you know could be worn not only for a day but also for other events like weddings, your office attire, and even better if you could mix and match the fashion with another. This will help you to save money and optimize your budget for something else! We know that raya expenditure could be expensive for some, so choose the one that you can always wear some other time! Also, watch out for the sizing too, as you will probably outgrow your baju raya in less than a month!

We hope that our simple tips could help you in choosing the best couple wear. Don’t overstress yourselves in this department as you can always try again next time! Enjoy shopping!