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How to Deal With Ptosis

When you look at your eyes in the mirror you may notice some sleepy look – not the look you’d like, right? The drooping eyes might not be painful but could block your eye-sight and in some cases you could have to tip your head back and lift your chin for a better vision. Having to do this repeatedly could later affect your head and the neck, leading to complications. Ptosis could be an in-born condition or you could get ptosis as an adult. The condition could follow an injury or disease that weakens the muscles and ligaments that raise your eyelids. With old-age the skin and muscles around the eyes can sometimes get weaker. Help for your ptosis in Reston is closer than you think.

How Is Droopy Eyelid Diagnosed?

When you have ptosis, explain the history to your doctor. Then your doctor will examine the area. The doctor could take a slit lamp exam by placing high-intensity light. Your eyes could dilate during the exam and this might be uncomfortable for you.

You could get a tensilon test where your doctor injects a drug into the veins and the doctor could check how the muscles react to the strength. The tensilon could determine whether the condition could cause myasthenia gravis.

How to Treat Droopy Eyelid

Sometimes the condition causes you no harm.  In this circumstance, your doctor could suggest plastic surgery to reduce the drooping.

If your drooping eye is caused by an underlying condition it is important to treat the disease first, as this could prevent eyelids from drooping.

Surgery for Ptosis

During surgery the levator muscle is tightened and it can be lifted, then the eyelid can be put in a desired position. Children who have ptosis might get early surgery which corrects their condition. Sling method of surgery could help elevate the muscles of the eyelids by pulling the muscles on the forehead.

How to Prevent Ptosis

You may be able to prevent ptosis by knowing the symptoms and getting frequent eye exams which could help you fight the disorder. If a child shows signs of droopy eyes it is important to take them to the doctor to be monitored and treated.

Long-Term Outlook for People with Ptosis

Although eyelid drooping may not be harmful to your health, it could block vision and therefore is better to treat the condition. The long term outlook would depend on the cause of the condition.

The Bottom Line

Ptosis results in drooping of the eyelids and it could block your vision. You may need to undergo cosmetic procedures that help you deal with the condition. It is best to consult a doctor who will guide you on diagnosis and treatment options that could work for your condition.