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How to Dress for a Classy Night on the Town

How many times have you headed out for a night on the town only to find you’re the one that doesn’t exactly fit in thanks to the way you’re dressed? Does it always feel like you’re underdressed or just not as well put together as the other men and women in your party? If so, it could just be that you need a few minor adjustments and pieces added to your wardrobe in order to boost your look from overly casual to classy.

Here’s a look at some really simple tips you can follow to help you hit all the right fashion notes. This means you’ll start standing out for all the right reasons.

Footwear Can Anchor an Outfit and Set the Tone

While there is plenty of attention paid to what you’re wearing in terms of clothing, did you know that the wrong pair of shoes is enough to throw the whole look off? Even if you’re wearing a trendy and classy shirt and blazer, when you throw on a pair of old beaten up athletic shoes, you bring the outfit down many notches.

You always want to be sure you have a pair of classy, trendy, versatile, and yet comfortable shoes on hand. Men’s Brogues by Dune London are a great example of just such a pair. These take the classic Gibson, Oxford, and Derby style of shoe and inject a modern and unexpected twist. This helps to keep them a bit more casual and comfortable while still remaining classy. Dune London features a variety of colours and sizes, so you’re bound to find a pair or two that work for you.

A Blazer Can Elevate Even a Casual Outfit

Rather than having to buy a whole new wardrobe that comes off as “classy”, you can invest in one staple piece that can elevate even a more casual outfit. A classic looking blazer in black, navy, or a dark brown can be worn just as easily over a dress shirt as a more casual shirt. It gives your outfit structure, style, and makes it appropriate for upscale restaurants and bars. Buttoning up the blazer will of course give it an added touch of elegance, or you can leave it open for a classier comfortable look.

Opt for Dark Denim Over a Light Wash

When purchasing a pair of jeans, if you want to look classy, stay away from the trendy light and multi-tone washes and go with dark denim. Also, you want to be sure you pick a classic straight leg or boot-cut to ensure it feels classy. Obviously, you want to veer away from anything that has rips, holes, or patches on it. The distressed look is great for daytime, but not so much for a night out on the town.

Chinos Can Also Be a Great Option

If the dark wash denim isn’t really your thing, or you want something that looks a bit dressier without being formal, skinny fit chinos are another fabulous option. It’s best to stick with basic neutral colours such as beige/tan, brown, navy, or black, as these will work with any shirt you want to pair them with. Also, these chinos look great with shoes such as the Brogues mentioned above.

It Only Takes a Few Pieces

At the end of the day, updating your wardrobe so that it’s more night-out-on-the-town appropriate doesn’t mean you need to gut your whole closet. Instead, adding these few basic pieces and learning how to hit that balance of classy and comfort should be the key.