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How to Get Around Los Angeles Without a Car

Los Angeles traffic has a reputation. And – spoiler alert – it’s not a good one. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to avoid getting stuck in that infamous traffic. The key to getting around Los Angeles gridlock is to get around the city without a car. A popular alternative to driving is cycling on hybrid bikes, and those interested in this method can look at this. Commuters are always encouraged to walk short distances but public transportation is always an option for those with longer trips. Here are a few of the ways you can get around the City of Angels without driving a car.

Hop on a Bike

Commuting by bicycle is an increasingly popular way to get around congested city streets. Bike commuters get a daily dose of exercise while avoiding the headache of sitting in traffic or the expense of driving, maintaining, and parking a car. Riders on city bicycles have access to numerous bike lanes, paved trails, and other options for commuting safely. California ranks fourth in the United States for its number of bike-to-work commuters. The Los Angeles city government has emphasized bicycling as an environmentally friendly alternative to driving, hoping to encourage pedaling as a way of reducing carbon emissions.

Test Out Cycling With a Bike Share

The Metro Bike Share program in Los Angeles allows beginning riders to test out biking around the city before they commit to purchasing a bike of their own. The bike share program makes hundreds of bikes available for a single ride, or a single- or multi-day rental. Users check out a bike from one of the stations around the city and return it at a station near their destination. The Metro Bike Share program estimates more than 1 million rides taken and over 127 million calories burned since its launch. Once you’ve tested out cycling for your commute through the bike share program, you’re likely going to want to check out getting one of the best cruiser bikes to use every day.

Take a Ride on Public Transit

The Los Angeles metro transit system offers several modes for getting around the city, including light rail, buses, shuttles and a subway. Rates start with a base fare of $1.75, with additional fees for more rides. If your destination is far away or the weather is especially challenging that day, public transit is a more economic and eco-friendly option than driving a car on the freeway. If interested, you can look for personal weather stations here. It may help you to plan your transit well in advance. The city does offer six rail lines and nearly 200 bus lines. You can use those services to your advantage.

Learn the Benefits of Commuting by Bike

Adding regular moderate exercise to your daily routine can improve your health in many ways, including helping you get better sleep, reduce stress, lower blood pressure and lose weight. Bicycle commuters also avoid paying transit fees or needing to fill up a car with gas each week. Because you’re less likely to get stuck in traffic, it’s easier to get an accurate estimate for how long your commute will take.

Riding a bike is an active, stress-reducing alternative to navigating a major city without a car. A trusted vendor of hybrid bikes for sale, street bikes and cruisers is a great place to start when you’re looking for the perfect vehicle to get around Los Angeles.