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How to Keep a Relationship Healthy

Now more than ever, some guidelines around how to keep relationships healthy are required. It seems to be getting rarer and rarer that we can point to a genuinely happy couple these days, whose relationship is one that appears to be made in heaven. Five major pointers should be taken into account if you want to keep your relationship healthy.

Set clear boundaries

This basically forms part of communication as perhaps the single most important pillar of any healthy and strong relationship. Communicate. Part of that communication entails setting clear boundaries and making sure to seek clarity when there’s something you don’t quite get. As well as you and your partner may know each other, nobody can read anyone else’s mind, so don’t expect your partner to know exactly what you feel about something. Let them know!

The need to constantly re-visit boundaries

Not to suggest that boundaries should be dynamic, but there is a need to constantly re-visit boundaries. Things may change as the circumstances of the relationship change, so there will probably be a need to constantly seek further clarity with regards to the boundaries by which the relationship is governed.

Approaching the relationship as two-person team

No matter what happens, like how inevitable fights will break out, remember that it’s the two of you against the problem, so don’t let the obstacle divide you. The two of you should work towards a solution together.

Proactive relationship maintenance

The offices of some of the best Oklahoma divorce attorneys aren’t necessarily visited by couples who are going through a divorce or some kind of separation. Some couples have the foresight to take a proactive approach to maintaining a healthy relationship, such as consulting with divorce attorneys to go back to our discussion about establishing clear boundaries. I don’t want to mention the “D” word, but it can save the entire relationship long before any problems crop up if you both know exactly what would happen in the event of a divorce – heaven forbid.

The importance of individual development

People often make the mistake of thinking they need to give themselves up as we all know them in order to make a relationship work. Remember that your partner fell in love with you as a complete individual, so don’t allow that individualism to be chipped away.

All you can do is your best

So that’s what it comes down to if you want to keep your relationship healthy. Set clear boundaries, revisit those boundaries as often as is required. Approach the relationship as the dynamic duo you are, take a proactive approach to maintaining the relationship (don’t wait until things get really bad before getting professional help). While the idea of any relationship is to merge two halves into one whole, it’s important to remember that you’re both still individuals. All you can do is your best, so if your best turns out not to be good enough in the end, at least you won’t have yourself to blame.

Good luck!