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How to Look Amazing in a Suit

Suits can have a bit of a reputation for being uncomfortable or difficult to maintain, but with a few simple tricks you’ll be looking, feeling, and sounding like a professional without much hassle.

Looking good can give you an extra boost of confidence and can make you feel good about yourself.

The place to start is by finding the right suit. Look for a classic style that fits you well and is of good quality to put you in good stead.

Is it Worth the Investment?

While suits can be expensive, the investment will pay off over time in how you feel and how you look. 

Looking good can give you an extra boost of confidence and can make you feel good about yourself. Wearing the right suit can also help by giving good impressions in interviews for job applications as well as meeting new people.

Tips on Looking Good in a Suit

At the very least, when you’re buying a suit, don’t wear anything too casual. Dress for the occasion and match your shoes, belt, tie, cufflinks, and pocket square to your suit.

When you’re choosing a style, don’t go with any fashion trends that are too niche or complicated. A good suit should be versatile, and for the money you spend on it, you will want to see a good return on your investment.

Don’t spend money on anything that doesn’t fit well or doesn’t look good on. This will cause frustration down the line when buying another new suit or trying to match accessories.

Here are our tips for appearing your absolute best in a suit, even when you’re not at work!

Check The Fit

Make sure that the pants fit well. A good fit will help to make you look better, while also making it easier to sit down and move around.

The same goes for shirts, jackets, and ties. Make sure that the fit is right.

Try on a bunch of suits before buying one. Sometimes it’s nice to have options!

Consider the Pattern and the Fabric

Although you can find expensive custom suits made from a variety of materials, such as cashmere or wool, usually buying a standard suit means that you can buy them really cheaply.

It will also help to prevent having any hassles with dry cleaning and tailoring if you ever need to get one taken in or altered.

Accessorize Properly

Adding proper accessories will help to make you look more dressed up. Quality accessories are the key to a good suit. Quality cufflinks, a quality ring from Newman Bands, and of course a nice tie!

When buying a tie, consider your personal style and try to find one that fits with your other clothes.

It’s also good to have more than one tie for different occasions (see above tip on looking good in a suit). However, don’t forget that shorter ties are also acceptable, so don’t be afraid of color!

Brush Your Hair and Trim Your Beard

Smoothing down your hair is necessary when you’re wearing a suit and it will also show off how well-groomed you look.

For a clean, professional look, go for a traditional business haircut. Short hair will make it slightly easier to style your hair, but a longer look can also be ideal for a more formal event.

The beard is another wardrobe staple that’s often forgotten by men. Don’t be afraid to grow one if you like it, just keep it soft and neat, not crazy!