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How to Make a Baby Sling Out of a Muslin Blanket

There’s a lot of advantages when you learn how to make a sling from muslin swaddles or blankets. Sometimes you’re faced with emergency situations and need to keep your baby safe. Knowing how to make a sling can help protect your baby in times of emergencies.

Can you make your own baby sling in a few steps? How will a baby sling give you and your baby an advantage? What are the benefits of using baby slings?

It’s not all the time that your hands are free to carry your baby. Check out below some simple steps on making a baby sling. It’s easy to learn and can very useful!

Making Your Very Own Baby Sling

Why do many parents use baby muslin wraps? This is because muslin is a great material for babies. They are flexible and also breathable. You don’t want to suffocate your baby that’s why muslin cloth is a wise choice.

  1. Start by placing the blanket on a smooth surface
  2. Lengthwise begin folding the blanket in half
  3. Your blanket should be long and narrows enough for  a sling
  4. Choose which one is your dominant hand and place the blanket over it
  5. The folds should be outwards from your body
  6. The front part of the blanket needs to hang around your waist
  7. The end of the blanket should drape over your back
  8. Tie a knot by pulling the sheet from your waist and putting it in front
  9. Take the end of the blanket from your back and loop it under your other arm
  10. Taking that end, pull it towards your front
  11. Make sure that the blanket is secure on your back. You can use your elbow to pinch the blanket while you are pulling it over your body
  12. Make sure that the long end under your arm is over the shorter end that is over your shoulder
  13. Start pulling the long end under the short end upwards
  14. Once the knot takes place, pull it so it tightens. The knot should be around your chest area
  15. You can make an “x” around your body so that the long end is under the shorter end at your dominant arm
  16. Take the longer end upwards to finish the knot

Why Baby Slings Are a Wonderful Option

There are some parents who might not have the time to sew on slings or have the extra budget to but one. When you know how to execute DIY slings, you can save most of your time and money. It’s also a handy trick to learn whenever you’re stuck somewhere far from home.