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How to Make Your Home More Private

It is common for homeowners to focus on style and function, but they might fail to consider its privacy. The wrong interior design choices can encourage neighbors and passers-by to peer inside your home, which can impact your comfort and happiness.

To avoid feeling on display each day and night, you might need to make a few small or large tweaks to your property. Find out how to make your home more private.

Install a Fence or Hedge at the Front of Your Home

Prevent prying eyes from staring into your home by installing a fence or hedge at the front of your property. It will allow you to relax when watching TV, sitting down to dinner with your family, or socializing with your loved ones. The exterior elements will encourage others to walk on by your home without giving it a second glance.

Close Off the World with a Barn Door

Enjoy greater privacy in the home by installing beautiful Arizona barn doors, which are available in different materials, colors, and stains. When you want to enjoy some peace and quiet without people staring into a room, you can close the doors to enjoy unrivaled privacy. Plus, the stylish design can complement every room and style in the home, which will grab people’s attention as soon as they step inside.

Add a Stylish Pergola or Gazebo

To enjoy the tranquility of your garden without worrying about your neighbors watching you, you could always add a wooden pergola. The stylish feature will provide a little extra privacy in your backyard, as the slatted roof can prevent people from staring at you and your family enjoying dinner or relaxing outside. Alternatively, you can erect an easy-to-assemble gazebo, which can provide similar benefits and you can remove it with ease.

Avoid Noise Pollution with a Water Fountain

A water fountain can drown out the sounds coming to and from your garden. It is the perfect way to prevent your neighbors from listening to your conversations, and the tranquil sound will make the busy world beyond your garden feel a million miles away. It is the best way to avoid noise pollution in your garden, improve its serenity, and add a touch of elegance to your exterior design.

Decrease Visibility with a Privacy Screen

If your backyard fencing doesn’t provide much privacy at present, you could decrease visibility with a privacy screen. The mesh fabric will provide full coverage over exposed fencing, which will prevent unwanted eyes from staring in. It will ensure you don’t feel as if you’re being watched as you mow your lawn, play with your children, or read a book outdoors.


Your home should serve as a haven away from the rest of the world. If you want to enjoy quality time with your loved ones without fearing being watched, you must shield a room from passers-by, prevent neighbors from listening to your conversations, and relax in the outdoors without listening to traffic.