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How to Make Your Outdoor Space More Attractive for Spring

As temperatures warm up, getting ready for outdoor living becomes imperative. Being outside fills us with good energy, increases our motivation to be active and productive and rekindles our relationship with nature. If you want to enjoy spring and summer from the comfort of your beautiful patio or garden, but you haven’t yet explored the full potential of your outdoor space, here are a few ideas about making it more attractive for the upcoming seasons.

Try Something New

If you’ve only ever had a grass backyard then why not try something new? Install Stamped Concrete New Hampshire patio to give yourself a new space to relax outside on. It is not only the perfect space to BBQ on but you can also set up a table and chair set that will give you somewhere to eat in the sun. Or you can install wooden decking just make sure you use a good varnish to ensure it doesn’t rot in the winter months. Adding upgrades like this to your property can also add value to it so is the perfect addition if you’re planning on moving in the near future.

Clean & Declutter

Before making any design and decoration changes, declutter your outdoor area to make space for new ideas. Start by giving the place a good scrub to remove all traces of dust. Wash the furniture and accessories, such as umbrellas or seat cushions. If you have a porch or patio where grim and dirt tend to accumulate over the winter months, you can use a leaf blower or a pressure washer to clean them quicker. All surfaces should be sparkling clean before you move on to the next step. During the cleaning process, remove any items no longer useful.

Bring in New Colours

If you don’t want to fully replace various outdoor items, yet you want to give them a fresh look, you can paint them in more inspiring colours. Rockers, tables, chairs or planters can look as new with a fresh coat of paint. Painting outdoor furniture and decorative items is a great chance to change completely the colour scheme and make your garden or patio seem more vibrant. Create daring contrasts and combine your favourite colours from nature.

Add an Element of Surprise

You don’t have to do a complete renovation to make your outdoor space look more stylish and welcoming. A few well-chosen elements can increase the appeal of the place significantly and give you that feeling of newness that makes you feel inspired and energized. An outdoor wall fountain can have this effect. Besides coming in charming designs that can enhance the aesthetics of your place, fountains generate calm and tranquillity.

Decorate with Potted Flowers

After a long winter, the sight and smell of blooming flowers can do wonders for our happiness. To prepare your outdoor space for spring and summer, plant seasonal flowers. They will bring life to your place and transform it into a haven of bright colours. The planting process requires some time and commitment, but there are many easy to grow flowers that last for weeks, so you won’t have to work hard to help them thrive.

Add New Accessories

Buying new stuff every season is unreasonable, but changing a few outdoor accessories here and there is not too much trouble usually. When it comes to design, details hold greater significance than we think. A new object with an interesting shape or in a striking colour can enhance the look of everything in its surroundings. If making big investments is not in the cards, replace small items with newer and more interesting versions. Look at pillows, seat cushions, table cloths, flowers pots or candle holders and decide which new items would greatly complement your place without ruining your budget.

Increase the Cosines Factor

Even during the warm seasons, evenings and nights can get cold. If you want to be able to stay outside late, your outdoor space should exude warmth and cosiness. Pillows, blankets and rugs are the perfect solution in this case. In addition, rugs add texture to a place and come in so many styles and colours that they completely change how your place looks without you making any additional changes. For extra cosiness, you can also install a fire pit or outdoor fireplace.

Create a Special Zone

Depending on your preferences and hobbies, you can create a special area where you, your family and your guests can enjoy your favourite pastime activities. This can be anything from a dining area, a reading spot, a meditation zone or an outdoor movie theatre. There are no limits except your creativity. Creating such a space will make you excited about spending time outside, and will feel much more compelled to take advantage of every hour of sunshine and nice temperature. People feel comfortable and inspired in places where novelty and familiarity combine. If your outdoor space has lost its vitality, you can implement these simple design hacks and give it a new personality. The best part is that your creativity matters more than your budget, so you can do interesting changes without incurring huge expenses. You will thus be able to enjoy the best of spring and summer from your private oasis.