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How to Pick Comfortable Summer Workwear and Remain Presentable

As summer approaches, most outdoor tradesmen and women will start looking at changing their winter work clothes to something suitable for the forthcoming weather. This means storing away those heavy, fleece, puffy jackets and swapping them with work shorts and t-shirts.

Arriving at the workplace with the wrong attire is equivalent to arriving with the wrong tools for the job. If you are looking for ideal clothing for summer, you can learn more here in this article as we shall cover what to do to be ready for summer.

Wearing the right clothes for the job creates a positive impression about yourself and the company. You need to ensure that you look professional at all times. 

Your safety is paramount at all times; hence, leave your old shorts and t-shirts at home- you won’t impress anyone. Here are factors to consider while picking the proper attire:

  • Comfort

As much as workwear is intended to safeguard the user’s well-being, it must be equally comfortable. The two go hand-in-hand, seeing that you’ll probably have to put it on all day.

For comfort, extra padding may be required in relevant areas such as the knees if the job involves lots of kneeling. Check that the clothing is less restrictive to facilitate airflow to cool the body during those hot summers. Inner wears such as bra should be comfortable and non-restrictive. For working women over 50, bras are no longer a fashion statement but a supportive garment. Therefore, bras suitable for older women must not limit mobility and can be put on and off easily.

For those working outside, trading your trousers for shorts is the best thing you can do in the summer. Please make sure that it’s sturdy enough in case you need to secure tools around your waist. Also, pick shorts with deep pockets- this way, you can easily carry items like mobile phones and pencils with ease.

  • Accessories

Once you retire your winter outfit for summer, it’s time to consider accessorising. Depending on the company, you could opt to add sunglasses, caps, UV-protected arm sleeves, tool pouches, water bottles, and so on.

  • Fabric

For your top, a solid polo shirt or a branded T-shirt will be relatively comfortable, functional, and still stylish and presentable. 

By ensuring that your shorts and tops are made from durable yet light enough fabrics, you can rest assured that your team will continue portraying the right image throughout summer.

  • Get the right look

No matter what season you are in, your employees never stop representing the company. They must maintain the right image. To do this, consider adding a logo or company name to your clothing.

Not only is this a fantastic way of creating brand awareness, but it can also help generate new business, all for free!

Maximising on your workwear during summer

It’s not enough to merely put on your workwear before heading to work to be safe. It would be best if you were physically and mentally prepared too. 

You need to make sure that you treat your work attire like any other clothes you wear. 

Ensure it’s always clean, and any damages are prepared ahead of time. If needed, consider replacing the damaged parts with new ones and lastly, see to it that the clothes fit you perfectly.