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How Wedding Websites are Bringing Value Back to the Internet

If you tried to have your own website created for your wedding in the not-too-distant past, you’d be taking a major risk entrusting proceedings to notoriously fickle web developers. Things have changed recently, for the better. It’s not even about creating a digital version of your big day’s photo and/or video album. No.

It’s more about binging value back to what the internet was originally intended for, as more and more people are getting involved in the process of creating their own wedding websites. The extensive list of features and the functionality are where the value resides, because your very own wedding website can be used for the entire process, from the planning of the big day to its documentation and accessing all the memories.

Unique wedding website designs

White background themes are the order of the day these days and this transcends sites which would have been specifically styled for weddings. It’s about functionality and it’s the content that you’d provide that would make it unique, in the same way that your unique twist is put on the decor chosen for a venue that has already hosted countless other wedding venues.

Joy is the platform though which anybody can build their own unique wedding website:

Wedding planning features

You know how people these days use their various social media platforms to plan and spread the word about their weddings and how they wish there were some specific features they could use as an inherent part of those platforms? Well Joy fills that void to perfection.

Basically every element of an upcoming wedding can be contained and dynamically managed on one online platform. Creating wedding guest lists is as easy and practical as building the list online, in one central location and then having guests RSVP easily. This way you don’t have to keep tabs on you Whatsapp inbox for what will likely be some last-minute cancellations or ironically some would-be attendees who suddenly go quiet.

Send out invites and set the standard to have any confirmations RSVP exclusively online. This makes so many things that much easier and unlike is the case with social media platforms essentially deploying some advertiser-centric algorithm to selectively deliver your content, with your own online wedding planning portal you can be assured that your message will reach every intended recipient. It is indeed compatible with social media, with priority sharing capacity that is naturally recognised and loved by the major social media and messaging platforms.

Simply put, this ability for anyone to create their own wedding website solves many logistical and administrative nightmares wedding planners have had to address the hard way. You can even have a virtual wedding if you so choose, as might be a welcome option under the current public health concerns the world is dealing with.