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How women’s reproductive health impacts their general well-being

In the past centuries, the life expectancy of women was lower than that of men, but women are now living longer and this is attributed to women taking charge of their health. Although women understand how to maximize their personal health and wellness, sometimes they overlook the importance of their reproductive health. A healthy reproductive life determines the overall general health and guides on life decisions, such as having children. It could help if you found the best Miami, FL board certified OB-GYN who will guide you with accurate information on contraception, childbirth, reproductive health, and your general well-being.

Different Stages Associated With Women’s Reproduction

A woman would start experiencing their first menstruation at puberty, and this could be an excellent time to see an OB-GYN for your first examination. Once you become sexually active, you may wish to choose contraception that works for you, especially if you are not planning on having children. At different stages of your sexual life, it is prudent to get a cervical screening for cervical cancer, and it could help you get vaccinated against HPV, which causes cervical cancer. When you notice changes in your reproductive organs, it is better to test for sexually transmitted infections. Other issues that could be addressed by an OB-GYN include chronic health issues such as endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, and menopause.

Safe Sex Practices

Safe sex is key to a woman’s reproductive health, and this requires access to accurate and impartial up-to-date reproductive and sexual information. The access to sexual information can help a woman make healthy decisions, live a better life, choose when to have children, and attain optimal health and general well-being. Some of the actions that help one live a healthy sexual life include:

·       Practicing safe sex by using a sexual barrier such as a condom

·       Testing and treating sexually transmitted infections

·       Vaccination against human papillomavirus (HPV)

·       Cervical cancer screening

How improved reproductive health directly affects women

·       Eradicate poverty

A woman who takes charge of her sexual health can decide how many children they would want, and in this case, they are likely to choose the number of children they could comfortably nurture. They will focus the resources on each child, helping them climb the social and economic ladders in society.

·       Sexual health promotes gender equity

Reproductive health helps one achieve their life goals, and a woman can take charge of their reproductive issues and make strides in other life aspects such as economic and social aspects. Women’s mortality age has been rising due to improved women’s health care.

·       Improved mental health

If one has a healthy sex life, they are more likely to be happy which translates to stable mental health. Improved reproductive health means that women feel happy about themselves, and they transfer this energy to their children and the whole household.

The Bottom Line

Although women could put their reproductive health as a non-important aspect of their lives, this should not be the case. A healthy reproductive health system helps a woman live a fulfilling life as they can take charge of their sexual life. They could choose when to have children and access adequate information on their reproduction. Some essential sexual information includes contraception, fertility, and vaccination against cervical cancer. A woman who takes charge of their sexual life is more likely to lead a healthy and happy life, which translates to happiness for the whole household.