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Ideas For Decorating Your Home Office Space

With working from home becoming the norm in 2020, your home office space probably did not get a lot of attention prior to this. Working from the kitchen table or on your sofa? Not that ideal either. Ensuring that you have a separate working space from other areas of your home, will help to prevent any sort of burnout, and ensure you can still relax in those areas of your home. If you are having to juggle working from home with childcare, we can imagine things can be a bit tough. But fear not. We have some helpful tips on how to change that dull office space into a bright, airy crevasse perfect for numerous Zoom meetings and endless emails.

Wall Hangings

This can be anything from encouraging posters to keep you motivated, to light fixtures creating a certain, focused ambience. Decorating the walls around your workspace will not only make it look aesthetically pleasing for anyone who might visit you there โ€“ lets be real, the children will be making an appearance โ€“ but it will also give a comforting, homely feel. If you are someone who enjoys contemporary abstract pieces of art, adding a canvas to your workspace is bound to make you feel more comfortable. If youโ€™re looking for inspiration, Jessica Hendrickx is an international star in the abstract art world, with her colourful yet sophisticated art set to brighten up those dull corners!

Photo Frames

These are a decoration which can be placed on both the wall, and on a work-desk. Whether you want to gaze upon some long sought-after holiday or have cherished memories hidden within family photos; these can add some character to a workspace and can carry as a reminder if you are feeling particularly stressed. Selecting a variety of different sized frames will help to bring some character and dimension to a workspace.


Something else which has increased in popularity over the years, owning a variety of plants will not only bring some life to your office space, but help to purify the air in some way. Whether you are looking for a tall, free-standing palm lamp for a corner of the room, or a compact selection of succulents to sit among your desktop. Plants are a great addition to any workspace and create a modern and refreshing atmosphere. It has been proven that having plants in a workspace not only has an impact on a person’s mood but can also improve productivity. Pretty ideal when working from home for the foreseeable and missing the office culture.


This is an important aspect of a workspace to consider, especially as we progress into these winter months. With the sun setting earlier, and video-call meetings cropping up left, right and centre, it is essential that you consider the lighting of your workspace. Having a dull, under-lit room will decrease levels of motivation and productivity and will probably want to make you curl up into a warm bed! Having a large, ambient lamp in the corner of your space, or some wall fittings will make a world of difference.

A little known tip from a painter in Mesa is to gauge paint colors and select lighting that will give off the “vibes” you’re looking for. Natural light and artificial lights will react differently with certain paint colors. LED lights may make lighter colors pop more. You may not want this in an office you’ll be spending a considerable amount of time in causing your eyes to fatigue.