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Important Financial Advice for Newlyweds

Marriage is a new adventure and learning experience. Newlyweds are aglow in marital bliss enjoying every moment of the first official chapter of their lives together. Often couples are caught up in the excitement after the wedding including adjusting to a new life together that they don’t think too strongly about their combined finances. Marriages can experience stress very early on when relating to money. Avoid these unnecessary struggles by following these key tips to have a stronger marriage and a solid financial foundation.

Combine Accounts

Couples will have more control over their money when both parties combine their assets. This can be done by opening a new joint checking and savings account, or by adding an individual to an existing account. Direct deposits forms will need to be updated if applicable, so there aren’t any potential hiccups when payday arrives.

Protect Each Other

The future is always uncertain, and that is why one of the first thing newlyweds do must be purchase life insurance together. There are two main reasons for this suggestion. First, to financially protect each other in the event of sudden death. Second, whole policies are a financial investment that grows in value and can be cashed in after a certain amount of time if desired. Of course, young newlyweds will wonder why this is so important at such a young age and with minimal health issues. Compare life insurance rates at your age is an option on many websites to see just how important it is to start early when looking into life insurance and the benefits of it. It can pay dividends if you are to thoroughly research into the various life insurance options you’re able to choose from, not every life insurance provider or policy will be created equal, so it can be beneficial to look into the likes of different policy options such as one you can secure from Bestow life insurance or other providers similar.

Use Those Cash Gifts from the Wedding Wisely

Along with the slow cooker, flatware sets, and new linens, newlyweds often receive monetary gifts on their wedding day. It is tempting to use these funds for things or experiences, but there is a better option. That cash can be used for much better purposes like creating an emergency fund or investment portfolio. Large cash gifts don’t come along frequently, so consider the options before going on a shopping spree.

Set Goals

Couples of all ages have hopes and dreams for their married lives. A priority for many people is buying a home and then starting a family. Sitting down together to create a list of short-term and long-term goals provides a shared vision to work towards. Once these goals are established, then steps can be taken to reach them. For example, monetary gifts from the wedding can be the beginning of a down payment on a first home.

Reduce and Eliminate Debt

A common challenge for most Americans to reach their financial goals is debt. Instead of making the minimum payments and paying too much in interest, a plan is needed to reduce debt. Creating a monthly budget will shed insight into the total costs of bills and the remaining balance. Next, a plan to pay more each month to debts is the first step to eliminating debt. This can then lead to increased credit scores to help purchase a home, car, or other major expense.

Being financially savvy early in a marriage can prevent many costly pitfalls. Newlyweds can work together to combine their accounts and protect each other financially with insurance. Using wedding gifts for savings, investments, or debt reduction are wise choices with positive long-term effects.