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Important Home Maintenance Issues Most People Overlook

Keeping your house in tiptop shape is something that many homeowners pride themselves on. Many homeowners like to take the steps that are necessary to keep the home running smoothly, but there may be some hidden things that homeowners actually are missing out on. Many home maintenance tasks are actually being overlooked, and not performing these tasks can have some serious consequences.

Are you overlooking these important home maintenance tasks?

1. Cleaning your refrigerator’s condenser coils

Most people remember to clean their homes on a routine basis. But many of them will neglect to look behind their refrigerator. The condenser coils are located across the bottom of the refrigerator or at the back of the refrigerator. These coils end up collecting a lot of dust throughout the years and they may end up getting clogged. When this happens, the refrigerator is then forced to work harder to keep it cold.

It is recommended to clean the condenser coil at least once a year or even twice a year if you have a pet in the home that sheds a lot. It is simple to do this, just unplug the refrigerator and remove the grill that protects the coils. Use the hose that is attached to your vacuum cleaner and suck out any particles or debris. Wear a dust mask while doing this so that you don’t breathe in all those particles!

2. Clean your crawl space and attic

Most homeowners never actually go into their crawl space or their attic, at least not until there is a problem that requires you to. Some of the problems that are associated with not regularly cleaning these spaces aren’t discovered until they start affecting your home. With this in mind, the importance of crawl space cleaning and attic maintenance can’t be overstated. It helps keep down allergies, eliminate rodents, make sure there is no mold and can even save energy and make you more comfortable.

Go into the crawl space or the attic at least once a year to clean it up. Vacuum up any dust, check for any mold growing anywhere and any rodent droppings. Make sure that the attic or crawl space is well sealed and no outside air is being let in. You can either do this yourself, or get someone like Crawlspace Medic ( out to come and do the job for you.

3. Clean your dishwasher

While this might sound counterintuitive, your dishwasher won’t last as long as it should or even perform as well as it should if it isn’t being regularly cleaned. It is important to make sure to clean the dishwasher a minimum of 3 times a year to keep it performing the best that it can.

A good trick to clean the dishwasher is putting a full bowl of vinegar on the bottom rack directly in the middle and run a normal wash. This will help to deodorize the dishwasher and also remove any stains or discolorations that have built up inside the dishwasher.

4. Sweep the chimney

If you are a homeowner who has a home with a chimney, it is important to clean it regularly, especially if you love using it. Smoke leaves ash behind as well as creosote, which is a carbon deposit. If they are not removed, this can lead to carbon monoxide leaks as well as chimney fires.

It is also recommended to have a chimney inspection done yearly.

5. Clear your guttering

The last thing any homeowner wants is clogged guttering as it can cause a whole host of problems. However, cleaning out mucky debris is not something many people want to do but often, it’s a job that needs doing to prevent any damage to the guttering system. If done regularly, it shouldn’t be too much of a strenuous task but it’s understandable why someone would avoid this household chore. Luckily, there are companies like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning RI that will clean guttering for you so you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

6. Clean the bathroom’s exhaust fans

These exhaust fans help to eliminate any odors as well as remove moisture that, if not removed, would land on other surfaces and then turn into mold. If a fan cover is dirty, it is unable to operate properly. Giving the vent covers a good cleaning just with soapy water at a minimum of twice a year will help to ensure that the fans continue running their best.