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Improving the Look and Function of Your Car for the School Run

Many of us worry about our image, especially once we become parents. Due to the hectic lifestyle that surrounds parenthood, especially if you work on the side, it can be difficult to maintain a decent appearance at all times.

The school run can be a pretty crazy time, both in the mornings and at the end of the day. If you have to take your kids to school and you’re not within walking distance, then your car will be the main thing that parents, children and teachers will see and relate you to, so making it look good at the school gates could improve how you feel about yourself. also if you ever want to Explore 3D and 4D number plates this is the place

Here are some things that you can do to improve the look and function of your car for the school run to make you feel better and more confident.

Give it a Thorough Clean

This is the most simple and effective method of improving the look of your car for the school run and will make you feel better when you drive it. If your car is dirty on the inside and outside, it may make you look like a messy and unorganised parent. The first thing people will see when you rock up to the school gates is the exterior of your car, so making sure it looks fresh, clean and polished will improve your overall appearance. Keeping the inside clean, using air fresheners and having fresh car mats will ensure that people who walk up to you while you are sitting in the car will be impressed with the cleanliness of the inside, and it will also keep it looking better in the long-term.

Fix Any Dents and Scratches

Once your vehicle has been cleaned, you may come across some hidden dents and scratches that were hidden by the dirt, maybe you had a minor accident, or someone bumped into your vehicle while it was parked up and you just never got around to fixing this. Depending on the extent of the damage, getting any dents and scratches repaired can be fairly straightforward. If you are particularly handy or know someone who is good at working with metal, then you could even fix this damage yourself. Fixing any dents and scratches will improve the appearance and the value of your car and will make you feel more comfortable when you drive it.

Service and Maintenance

Regular servicing will ensure that your car remains in top condition, it will make your vehicle last longer, and it will put less stress on your car. Carrying out routine maintenance on a regular basis will prevent malfunctions, improve your car’s overall performance and will lengthen the life of your vehicle. It is important that everything works the way it should be for many reasons. Firstly, it guarantees that your vehicle is safe to drive your family around in. It ensures that your vehicle runs smoothly and is fuel-efficient, saving you money on running costs. It will also reduce the risk of breakdowns, which can be embarrassing at the school gates and can cause many problems if you have other commitments.

Personalise Your Number Plate

Personalising your number plate is something you should consider to ensure you really make a statement at the school gates. You can make it trendy, personal or funny. Whatever you choose, you will definitely turn heads, especially if you create it in a funky and unique design. A great company to consider is Number1Plates. They offer quality assured, legal personalised plates and amazing customer support if you are unsure about the process. They offer unique 3D Number Plates, which will be envied by everyone at the school gates. If you would like your own personalised number plate, then you can create a custom design here.

Replace Worn Out Tyres and Alloys

Car tyres tend to be the most overlooked safety-critical items on a vehicle. It is a huge safety hazard if your tyres aren’t regularly replaced and maintained. It is actually illegal to have a tread depth below 1.6mm because you won’t have as much grip on the road, increasing the risk of a car accident. As well as improving the function of your car, having a fresh set of tyres will make it look younger, especially if you are missing hubcaps. The alloys you have on your car will also play a huge part in its appearance. If you have plastic alloys, upgrading them to aluminium/nickel alloys will make it look top quality and will improve the performance of your vehicle.

There are many things that we can do to make us look and feel better, and most people instantly link this to our clothing and the way our face and body looks. However, sometimes the things that we own can play a huge part in the way we feel about ourselves. Maintaining the look and the components of your car isn’t only great for your appearance, but it makes your vehicle safer and can save you money in the long-run.