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Inspiring fashion areas around the world

Inspiring fash

Style is a matter of choice and taste for each region. However, specific places are renowned for their fashionable styles.  Such countries have cities with the most exclusive streets for fashion. For instance, while New York City is known for hosting multiple fashion colleges, London is renowned for setting street style trends. In case you want to know the most fashionable cities in the world, keep reading this piece.

Rome, Italy

For art enthusiasts, Rome in Italy is your Mecca. Known for its prominent art forms from Colosseum to Michelangelo, Rome also features the fashion industry as an addition to its art forms. Some top-notch jewellery and fashion brands are found in Rome. Think about the Fendi’s and Bulgaris of this world, which reflect the richness of the Renaissance period. These are all based in Rome. 


Although the Dutch capital may not rival some European cities in terms of culture, it features prominently in street wear. Legendary brands like G-Star RAW and Scotch and Soda are located in Amsterdam.

Bordeaux, France

Paris is one of the cities that people think when it comes to fashion. However, apart from Paris, Bordeaux is another city that is known for mouth-watering red wines and hip boutiques.

New York, USA

New York is one of the best fashion cities in the world. Each year, during fall and spring New York hosts a Fashion Week, which enables designers from all over the world to showcase their designs. The city also has multiple fashion schools where those interested in fashion can enrol and take lessons. Top institutions offering fashion training include the Fashion Institute of Technology and the Parsons School of Design.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona features illuminating fashion designs that resemble the city. When in the city, you can shop at La Rambla, where you can find a variety of products from renowned Spanish big names like Desigual and Zara.

Venice, Italy

The city is renowned for its inspiring traditions and events that set trends all over the world. For instance, Venice produces ornate masks that are used for Carnival celebrations each February. Additionally, the blown glass industry is found in this city.

Berlin, Germany

The city is known to host unique artists and hipster tourists. The town celebrates its fashion through StyleNite, an occasion that comes together with Fashion Week. The event combines art, music, and style.


In 2015, Paris was voted as the best fashion city in the world. Paris boasts of not only multiple fashion schools but brands as well. Paris also headquarters Elle, which is the best fashion magazine in the world. The biggest world fashion show known as Paris Fashion Week, is held in the city and attracts fashion designers from all over the world.


Various reasons make Madrid be one of the best spots in the world. For starters, Madrid Fashion Week is a premier event in Spain that attracts renowned fashion designers, supermodels, and many well-off individuals from around the world. The city also has famous fashion schools like Madrid-IED and Accademia del Lusso.