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Is It Time to See Your Neurologist?

Are you wondering if it is time to see your neurologist in Marlboro Township? A neurologist is a professional who can treat and manage conditions of the nervous system. If you have neurological disorders, you may have trouble talking, moving, or thinking. The symptoms vary depending on the part of the nervous system that has been affected. The following are a few reasons that may mean it is time to see a neurologist.

Persistent Headaches

You don’t need to see a neurologist for every little headache that you have. However, severe and persistent headaches often require medical attention. You need to take your headache seriously if:

  • You have chronic headaches and you are 50 or older 
  • Your headache seems to be getting worse even with treatment
  • You have a headache that is accompanied by confusion, nausea, blurry vision, or dizziness
  • You have impaired speech or vision
  • You get a headache after hurting your head
  • You have a history of HIV/AIDS or cancer
  • Your headache is so severe that it affects your ability to perform daily activities

You Have Seizures

Seizures are an indication of brain disturbance. They often result in loss of consciousness, weird sensations, or uncontrolled movements. If you have seizures, your neurologist will use brain testing and imaging to diagnose you. Identifying the cause of your seizures makes it possible to treat them. 

After Sustaining Spinal Cord or Brain Injuries

Whether you have been in a car or sports accident, you are likely to injure your spinal cord or brain. You should see your neurologist as soon as possible. If you have brain injuries, you may experience symptoms such as loss of consciousness, dizziness, and severe headaches. Injuries to your spinal cord could lead to numbness or general body weakness. Neurologists will come up with a treatment plan to address your problem. 

You Have Parkinson’s Disease

If you have Parkinson’s disease, you need the help of a professional neurologist similar to dr timothy steel as soon as possible. You may have to acquire more details on medical experts, such as experience, type of practice, etc. Parkinson’s is a severe medical issue that can have adverse effects on patients. The disease causes the loss of brain cells that are responsible for the production of dopamine. Patients may lose their ability to move their bodies.

The disease mostly affects people at the age of 60 or older. Some of the most common symptoms of Parkinson’s disease include clumsiness and trembling movements. Even though there is no specific test for Parkinson’s disease, it can be diagnosed through an exam. They may suggest deep brain stimulation as a treatment option. 

You Recently Had a Stroke

You may have a stroke when there is a limited supply of blood to some parts of the brain. The leading causes of stroke include blocked blood vessels and bleeding in some parts of the brain. The symptoms of a stroke include:

  • Loss of vision
  • Intense headaches
  • Weakness or numbness on one side of your body
  • Confusion
  • Loss of balance
  • Trouble speaking or understanding what others say

You should see a neurologist as soon as you suspect that you may have neurological issues. They can diagnose and treat many conditions.