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Is Non-Invasive Skin Tightening Safe for You?

Skin tightening treatment has been around for some time. You may be contemplating going for the procedure to help you get flawless skin but are wondering how safe it is to use non-invasive procedures. Skin tightening is a safe procedure when performed by a specialist. The level of experience in a dermatologist and the use of modern equipment significantly affects the outcome of skin treatment. Absolute Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center is the go-to place if you are looking to find a board-certified dermatologist in Glen Allen, VA. We believe that invasive facelift procedures should be minimally used since non-invasive methods are equally effective and have no downtime.

Below, we look at the safety and efficiency of using Accent XL laser and Venus Legacy thermal technologies. 

Skin Tightening: Affordable, Safe, and Effective

Accent XL laser can work for you if you are among those people who like to see immediate results after skin treatment. This non-invasive skin tightening procedure is FDA-approved. The Accent XL Laser heats the dermal and subdermal layers of the skin using radiofrequency energy, which causes the contraction and multiplication of the skin’s collagen fibers. The skin becomes firm, which helps you to have long-lasting results. No topical solution in the market can give you superior skin tightening and toning than the use of Accent XL Laser.

At Absolute Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center, we also use Venus Legacy to reduce cellulite and tighten skin. This is a thermal technology that offers Varipulse to gently pull the tissues of your skin so that energy can effectively pass through. This gives you a similar feeling to that of a massage. You will require a series of 6 treatments for neck and face while you can expect to see results on the other body parts after 8 treatments. Dr. Gillen will perform the treatment every 1-2 weeks.

There are numerous benefits to using non-invasive laser for skin tightening:

·       These non-invasive procedures can target most areas of the skin that are commonly affected by sagging skin including stomach, thighs, face, and arms.

·       This is a non-invasive procedure, thus short or no downtime after treatment. This treatment plan is best if you are a parent or a busy professional.

·       You get immediate results, which get better with time.

·       The procedures also help reduce cellulite besides tightening your skin. You get two benefits for your skin using one procedure.

It will take you less than an hour to undergo Accent XL laser treatment. The procedure promotes collagen production to help tighten your skin by reducing lines on your sagging skin. Ideal candidates for skin tightening procedures include nursing mothers, the aged, or young people looking to improve the aesthetic appearance of their skin. 

There are many non-invasive skin tightening technologies in the market, but Venus Legacy thermal technology and Accent XL laser treatment skin-tightening procedures provide effective results and have no downtime. Visit us today to start your journey to having that perfect skin you have always wished to have.