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Is your Baby Fussy? These Baby Soothing Tips Can Help

Babies cry for many reasons, some easily detectable, others not as easy to identify. Perhaps, your baby needs a simple diaper change or she wants to be fed. Some instances of crying can easily be dealt with, but others can remain difficult to resolve. A fussy baby can make you have stress and get worried. A wet diaper, hunger, or something serious could be the reason your baby is hard to please. Whether your baby is crying to eat or is seriously ill, you must seek a pediatrician’s help when she cannot be soothed. Things like oral thrush, baby colic, diaper rash, teething pain, and stomach pain can make your baby cry. Dr. Carrie Jones and her team can help you if your baby is fussy and crying all the time. That being said, these tips can help you soothe your fussy baby.

Swaddle the baby

Swaddles tend to mimic the sensations an unborn infant receives from the womb. Wrapping your baby tightly in a swaddle can help comfort her. If you are unsure how you can properly swaddle the newborn, you may want to speak to your pediatrician. On that note, you would want to get your baby get the attention of the best doctor available. Look for reputed and experienced doctors like the ones at oahu pediatrics or in your vicinity. Experienced pediatricians can be able to diagnose the problem faster and give solutions instantly, which could be a reassurance for the parents.

Hold the baby close

Your baby will feel safe and secure when you hold her close. Contact offers a way of helping the baby get the feeling of being safe. You can sling, wrap, or rock your newborn to sleep. Some babies develop separation anxieties that make them cry for your presence. Developing a good routine, massaging, nursing can help them feel closer to you. All these actions allow you to hold her close, thus giving her the comfort she needs. Further, you can get help from Daycare Spots (visit website) and other online resources that provide helpful tips on taking good care of your child.

Get the sound machine working

Parents can use sound machines to comfort their babies. White noise from the machine can offer the womb-like feeling that a baby wants. It works like swaddling and can help comfort a crying infant. Think of something like the ‘shhh’ or fan humming sound – these are traditionally used by mothers to comfort babies. A sound machine that releases these sounds can be a good option when your toddler cannot stop crying. If you do not have the sound machine, you can look for sound machine apps to download on your smartphone.

Give her a tepid bath

For toddlers who enjoy their bath time, you can try a warm bath if you cannot seem to comfort her in other ways. During the time you are bathing her, give her some little massage to help further soothe her. The warm bath will help them relax and they are likely to stop crying.

Go to a pediatrician

If your baby does not seem to stop crying, you may want to visit a pediatrician. While many babies will be comforted by these tips and others, if all you are offering her does not seem to work, do not let her continue to cry. Constant crying and fussiness can indicate illness, injury, or some other serious problem, and you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

At Argyle Pediatrics, Dr. Carrie Jones and her team are passionate about giving good care to your baby, and she will help you if the baby is fussy and crying all the time. If other symptoms like vomiting and fever accompany the infant’s fussiness, you need to contact your experienced pediatrician immediately.