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Keep It Fresh: 5 Top Sneaker Trends of 2021


Athleisure has never been more popular. The idea of looking great while also feeling great has made a huge comeback and for that we are forever grateful. Once you have the perfect trend outfit picked out the most important piece to tie it all together is the shoe!

This guide has everything you need to know to stay on top of the fashion sneaker trends 2021.

Why Sneakers?

Isn’t it obvious? Sneakers are the best for a million reasons. Not only are they the most comfortable shoe out there, they are also practical and super stylish. With all of the women’s sneakers on the market today, you can go from work, to the gym, and meet up with the girls for a night out – all while wearing your favorite running shoes.

Sneaker Trends 2021

Recently, a huge emphasis has been placed on sneaker style. Active lifestyles no longer leave you tied to bulky running shoes like before.

Not only are sneakers comfortable and reliable, authentic Nike shoes will give you more bang for your buck than the high heel that only gets worn a few times a month!

But which look will fit your style best and care for your feet at the same time?

The Vintage Look

Classic sneakers never goes out of style. The return of the vintage looks from decades past have made a come back and these designs are super popular!  Modern rendition of the groovy looks have been released by sneaker giants like Nike and New Balance. It’s a sure bet – retro sneakers are here to stay.

Fashion Sneakers

Calling all fashionistas! These stylish shoes provide a pop of color and unique designs to help you stand-out. Thicker soles and futuristic looks make this shoe perfect for the adventurous style-seeker.

High-end designers have even jumped on board. Brands like Gucci and Fendi have added these comfy essentials to their line up as well.

Minimalist Look

You can never go wrong with the classic black or white sneaker – or both. Vans provides a trendy slide-on sneaker that can keep you looking sleek while taking your kids to the park.

A Pop of Color

If you want to make sure people notice your new duds, give colorful shoes a try! Whether you prefer pastels, neon, glitter or even animal print, there is a running shoe out there for you.


If you’ve ever considered giving the well-loved Converse high-tops a try, now is the time! Brands like Nike, Vans and Revolve have modernized the classic ankle-wrapped look.

This style can range from barley rising above the ankle, all the way up to below the knee! This is a sure-fire way to spice up your athletic look.

Choosing Your Perfect Style

Regardless of the sneaker you prefer, there is a perfect look for your favorite outfit. With sneaker affordability, don’t just stop at one pair; have a few to spice up your wardrobe!

Sneaker Trends 2021 are not only cute but incredibly comfortable as well! Be on the lookout for next season’s trends – we are always on top of it!