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Learn everything about herpes dating and what challenges it may bring

There are plenty of people with herpes who believe dating is forbidden for them. Learn the opportunities and peculiarities of herpes dating.

Herpes dating: herpes is not a verdict!

People all over the world have their shortcomings and peculiarities. There is no secret that many individuals have different diseases. Some of them do not affect their dating and relationship while others cause certain discomfort. Herpes is widespread across the globe as well. It sets certain restrictions and makes people selective when building a relationship.

Many people consider herpes a sentence and deprive themselves of a chance of being happy. Let’s be honest, herpes dating is special but it does not mean you have no chance for the future. Yes, you are going to face certain obstacles and must stick to some rules. However, you deserve to be happy and have a strong and loving relationship just like the rest of the people on Earth. Let’s see how you can do that.

Is there a future after being diagnosed with herpes? 

“If you recently learned about your genital herpes diagnosis, you don’t have to panic (the same is valid for HIV too).” (Source: ). This is not the end of your life and by no means, a sentence. Yes, there are certain peculiarities and you will need to adjust to your new diagnosis. However, they do not mean you cannot enjoy your life or your relationships.

Being anxious about your personal life is not necessary. It is normal to be concerned but let us leave anxiety forever. Having a normal love life is possible and plenty of people diagnosed with herpes enjoy it every day being engaged in herpes dating. 

What herpes, actually, is

Herpes can be divided into two types:

  • HSV-1 (oral herpes);
  • HSV-2 (genital herpes).

Oral herpes doesn’t have many symptoms or may just cause sores on the lips, throat, or mouth. Sometimes, it infects the eyes or genitals. However, this is not common. This condition is quite annoying and may cause certain discomfort, however, it doesn’t harm your health. 

HSV-2, in turn, can be latent. It means that 75-90% of carriers do not show any symptoms at all. Common symptoms include sores on or around your genitals or anus. Sometimes, it may spread to the mouth, lips, throat, or eyes. As you can see, dividing herpes into groups is rather nominal. Both types can spread to the same body organs.

How to date when having herpes

Being diagnosed with herpes is not very pleasant. It still does not mean that you, like all other people, cannot enjoy the dating scene. There are a few rules to follow before you go too far with someone. You do not have to let everyone know about your status right away. Do not hurry with that. See below how to proceed with herpes dating.

Talk about your status but not at once

Unless you are going to jump into someone’s bed on the first date, you do not have to declare your HSV status right away. Go on a date or two before you get closer. It may happen that you do not like each other and decide to stop seeing each other, so telling everyone about your herpes diagnosis right away is not necessary at all.

After you communicate for some time and decide to proceed with herpes dating further, you will have to tell your new date about it. First, prepare the ground and maybe wonder about their attitude to certain diseases. If the person replies something like “I would never date anyone having herpes in my life”, then maybe there is no need to talk about it at all. 

You will simply know that the person does not accept your status and it would be better to break up until it’s too late. Do not be offended if your date takes time to think about it. This is normal for people to process such information. It still doesn’t mean you will be rejected. In most cases, people still take it positively after thinking for a while. 

Use online dating websites for people with herpes

Yes, such websites for herpes dating do exist. If you google them well, you may find the one that suits you and you do not even have to worry about letting every potential partner know about your status. However, such websites are usually limited and the pool of singles is not so rich there. You can use any of the regular dating sites without any problems.

Some people just mention their HSV statuses right in their online dating profiles. This could be too stressful for you, so you are not obliged to do that. However, online dating doesn’t require any psychological attachment. You are no one to each other while talking and not meeting yet. It is much easier to discuss such things in online communication.

If your potential date rejects you after learning the truth, let it be. At least, you did not meet and spend some time and money on your first dates yet. Online dating is perfect for herpes dating, actually. It saves a lot of time and prevents you from this embarrassment. The only thing to pay attention to is to choose a reputable service. You can check Dating Service USA to be more aware of dating options and relationships in general.