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Life Lessons Learned from Travelling Abroad

It only really takes one proper trip to learn a whole lot more about yourself as an individual in addition to learning so much about life in general, but the more you travel you learn just how much of a never-ending learning journey this life is. Here are some life lessons I’ve learned personally from travelling, along with some which were contributed by fellow travellers I’ve had a chat with:

Perspective is EVERYTHING

Nothing demonstrates just how important perspective is quite like going somewhere and experiencing that destination for yourself. Perspective is indeed everything and you tend to marvel at the lengths the media would go to just to try and shape that perspective so that they can sell some advertising space to buyers that have certain agendas.

I’ll terminate this sub-discussion right here though since I can already feel myself getting a bit too political for my own liking. Otherwise sometimes it will be a real education for you just going somewhere shaped to be a certain way by the rhetoric in the media.

Geo-location is a huge influencer

Geographic location influences pretty much everything in one’s life, from their religion to their view of the world and humanity. Some people do break out of the general view synonymous with a specific geographic location, but geographic location definitely plays a leading role in influencing so many aspects of our lives.

An experience of this often opens one’s eyes to just how lucky you may be to be living in a place that allows you to challenge the status quo, without fear of persecution or even extreme consequences like imprisonment.

Everything is not as it seems

This perhaps goes back to the discussion on perspective being everything as part of the many lessons travelling teaches us. The discussion is taken a little further though in that for the most part, that perspective is often shown to be contrary to what the actual reality on the ground is. You’ll almost always find that things just aren’t what they’re made out to be, many times in a positive way though.

Money rules

It’s an unfortunate but true reality, that of how money rules and pretty much everything else fails. For starters, how else would one even be able to travel if they didn’t have money to buy a plane ticket and book accommodation? Also, the mere fact that there are services in the travel and tourism industry available is as a result of someone’s desire somewhere to make money…

Hope in humanity prevails

Finally and perhaps even most importantly, travelling to faraway places that expose you to the many different challenges faced by different people opens you up to a world of so many things that can go wrong, but what interestingly never fails to surface is just how many of those things don’t go wrong, mainly as a result of people choosing good over bad. All the little situations when complete strangers go out of their way to help in whatever predicament you find yourself in demonstrate just how much hope lives on in humanity, proving that there is more good in the world than there is evil.

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