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Little changes: big savings! Simple ways you can hold onto your money this month

Walking a financial tightrope is the norm for many households. Living from paycheck to paycheck and hoping that nothing sudden or expensive happens is usually how every month plays out…Whether you’re struggling to make ends meet or you wish you had more money to play with each month, when it comes to cash, it’s fair to say that most of us would like a little more of it.

However, what many families don’t realise is that you don’t have to make any drastic financial changes to get to the end of the month, comfortably. Whether your working hours have been reduced, or you’ve gone from a two-income family to a singular breadwinner, whatever your circumstances, I’ve gathered a list of simple ways you can hold onto more of your money this month. Read on to find out more. 

Switch to LED bulbs

You’ll know that your energy bills are one of the biggest drains on your monthly income, but when you change from traditional lighting to LED bulbs – like the neon ones available from – you’ll benefit from better lighting, stylish options and lower energy bills. Because LED lights require less energy to run, over time they’ll cost you less. They also last longer than traditional lighting solutions, so you won’t need to pay for replacement bulbs every couple of months. A simple switch like this could certainly keep more of your money in your wallet.

Stop buying and start selling

We all tend to buy stuff we don’t need. Or make purchases that seem like a good idea at the time, yet we never really use – we’re looking at you ice cream maker. So, instead of buying more goods, consider selling the ones you already have! All those kitchen gadgets you don’t need, clothes you no longer wear, games, books, accessories and electronics. Even old furniture! Anything you sell is a profit and you have plenty of online selling sites to choose from.

Look after your clothes better

Not all clothes are made to last, and kid’s clothes, in particular, can quickly look worn and tired. By looking after your clothes properly, following care instructions and learning how to repair your garments you can save yourself a bundle. If you do need new clothes, consider buying second hand online or even from charity shops – you’ll be amazed at what you can find!

Ditch the services you don’t use

All those subscriptions, streaming services, magazines etc all add up. Especially if you’re not using them fully. Go through your services and ditch the ones you no longer use. Then get in touch with your remaining providers and ask for a cheaper deal. If they can’t offer you one, go elsewhere! Remember, you don’t owe them your loyalty.

And finally, cut back on your meat intake

Meat is one of the biggest expenses on your weekly grocery bill. By cutting back on your meat consumption and purchasing more veggies and other cupboard favourites such as rice, beans and other protein staples like lentils and chickpeas you’ll save more than you think and still enjoy a delicious meal!