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Make Basement Waterproof with These Simple Tips

If you want to learn how to make basement waterproofing services in Toledo, you have to be informed about the damages and the causes of basement leaks. Basement is usually a part of the house that does not get to be treated properly using building codes and other requirements. As a result, it becomes more difficult to solve these problems as well as to protect the home itself from further damage.

Leaks and Cracks:

Numerous things cause basement leaks and cracks. Water accumulates behind basement walls because of drainage systems or poor construction. Cracks appear around the perimeter of the house and start to widen after several years of usage. Sometimes, basement walls may become unstable after heavy rains or strong winds. All these circumstances make services of basement waterproofing in Toledo necessary for homeowners to resolve these problems.

There are several ways to fix basement waterproofing problems. One way is to fix leaks and cracks through basement waterproofing systems. A special basement waterproofing system that includes cracks, waterproofing joints and molding is used to make basement walls waterproof. It also seals the space completely from outside moisture.

Signs of Flooding:

Some people may wonder if they need basement waterproofing services when they do not see any signs of flooding in their basement. To make sure that the basement remains dry and safe, homeowners should make sure that all cracks and leaks are repaired in time. This ensures that the basement remains dry and usable at all times. In some cases, even if the basement remains dry for a long time, there might be some water inside the house compromising the safety of the residents.


Another common method used to fix basements is to clean up the area after receiving a flood. Clean-up includes removing flooded objects and debris. If basement floors are soaked with water, they should be cleaned and dried thoroughly. The water should then be drained away from the basement walls and the subfloor. Clean-up can be quite messy as many cleaning solutions and mops have chemicals and ingredients capable of damaging concrete and other basement materials. Therefore, homeowners should make sure that basement waterproofing professionals are available during the clean-up process.

Remove Water from Basement Walls:

If clean-up methods to fix basement walls is not successful, basement waterproofing services may be needed. A special pump is used to remove water from basement walls. Water is removed using a sump pump or a drain. Basement waterproofing contractors usually install these pumps. You can also buy water pump online, and use it, if you can manage to remove the water, without the help of experts. A special drive is also used to remove excess water from basement walls. If you feel these chores are too complicated for you, then it is better to hire professionals. You might find services similar to this Milwaukee Water Damage Restoration company very helpful.

Basement Waterproof Stains:

Another type of basement waterproofing product is a basement waterproof stain. A basement waterproof stain penetrates the concrete and keeps the moisture out while creating a non-porous surface. This product is much more expensive than most basement waterproofing sprays, but they have a much longer shelf life. After the first application, you can expect up to three years of protection from water. In addition, they are easy to apply with a paintbrush or roller.