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Make Organization Your New Super Power

With so many books, blogs, videos, teleseminars, and conferences now available from top transformational coaches in the personal development industry on how to change your life for the better, it’s easy to forget the fundamentals.

One simple way to make an immediate and significant improvement in your life is to get more organized in every aspect of your life, from your personal space to your workflow. If you get organized, you’ll boost your self-esteem, find what you need when you need it, accomplish tasks, and meet deadlines. You might get so proficient at it that you’ll get more done in a day than most people get done in a week and more done in a week than most people accomplish in a month.

Ironically, nurturing this superpower is simple. It just requires dedicated effort. A few simple methods to warm up your proactive muscles are to declutter your space, reduce waste, and schedule everything.

Declutter Your Space

Although the value of decluttering and living in a clean, clear, well-organized home or office is obvious to most people, they are reluctant to declutter because it takes an enormous amount of energy to overcome the backlog of things not put away in their proper place after use. 

Decluttering is all about facing the accumulation of things you bought but lost interest in that now fill up your storage areas. So closets fill up with clothes you will never wear again and basements fill up with broken-down vacuum cleaners and abandoned exercise machines that still work perfectly well. 

To declutter effectively, dedicate a weekend to getting as much done as possible. You need to strategize, sift, and soft. If there is still plenty of stuff undone, tackle it next weekend. When decluttering, don’t be ruthless. For instance, don’t throw away things you value but never use. Instead, create more space in your home by putting them in a self-storage facility. 

If you’re unclear how to declutter, you will find this guide on decluttering helpful. 

Reduce Waste

Reducing waste will not only help you with reducing clutter in your home and office, but it will also help the planet. In our consumer-oriented world, manufacturers generate elaborate packaging materials to attract our attention. By creating a waste management plan for recovering, reusing, or recycling waste materials, you’ll be helping your world. Minimizing your use of plastic shopping bags and going paperless is a good way to start.

Schedule Everything

Although money appears to be our most important resource, time is even more valuable.  While you can always make more money after you spend it, you can’t get a minute back. So if you want to be an organizational superstar, adopt the attitude that if it doesn’t get scheduled, it doesn’t get done.

The biggest thieves of time are distractions. Opportunities for distraction are so prevalent in our culture today that almost nobody notices the high price they’re paying for scattering their limited powers of attention. Too much time on social media, too many long drawn-out conversations listening to other people whine about their latest calamities is taking away time that you could be productive or time that you could use to appreciate the simple pleasures of life.

The difference between ordinary people and high achievers can be simplified to time management. High achievers focus on a singular goal for a long time. They appear to have an embarrassing abundance of talents and a portfolio that makes them appear superhuman because they’ve dedicated most of their time to getting extremely good at something other people value.

There are many more things you can do to get super-organized and get everything to go your way day after day. It is best, though, to start out with managing clutter, waste, and schedules will put you on the fast track to achieving excellence in almost everything you do.